Mowing and Baling Hay!

Mowing and Baling Hay!

do ur jd tractors use jd ends or pioneer ends, i broke off the handle thingy on the hydrolic today, am gonna be skinned, wonder how much a new one costs
does having the swath that wide help it dry ? does having it that wide where you drive on it does it make the tire tracks harder to get dry? Can you narrow up your swath if you wanted to?
When I got my hesston I had never mowed on the left side all of the mowers we ever had were right side only it was hilarious when I tried it the first time lol!! Now it's like second nature to me great job guys
You definitely are in "GODS COUNTRY" !!
to wet in NJ to make hay
Glad to see someone getting nice weather. To wet to do anything here but sit back and watch
good video
Show us how do u haul bales
Nice video👍👍
really enjoyed that. is beautiful country you work.
And Minnesota as well. And I got a model of your raound baler trying to make it look like yours.
How many acres is that Field
That is one dang big feild.

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