Mormon Stories #274: LDS Church Apologist - Dr. Daniel C. Peterson Pt. 4

Mormon Stories #274: LDS Church Apologist - Dr. Daniel C. Peterson Pt. 4

Excellent, fair, intelligent questions to someone who has a breadth of relevant knowledge and who tries sincerely to be unbiased and honest. Nicely done.
So, he's comfortable saying that the prophet of the restoration simply DIDN'T KNOW that exaltation was possible without marrying a prophet? What use was he as a prophet if he had such a glaring misunderstanding of the eternal plan??
Wow... a COMPLETE waste of my time
Why does it make sense to anyone that the Almighty who respects our free agency will send an angel with a flaming sword to coerce JS to practice polygamy? The things we are expected to believe without questioning as Mormons gives me a bad headache.
4:30 divining rods
Sorry Dan but you've been proven wrong on all counts.
Not convincing, Doc.
Polyandry? been 6 years nothing to defend this. JS sent the husbands on missions to get them out of the way. What about the women that denied him.? He posted slanderous remarks about them in the newspaper. What about the threat to women that JS proposed to and stalled to make a decision? JS said that he would be destroyed by an angel if she did not marry him. This is flat out coercion and not the God I want to be with.
Who is singing Come Come Ye Saints in your opening?
ok. i will listen.what is the connection between the statue and a the book of Abraham.which is supposed to be wrong anyway.
these 2 are pathetic bullshiters.they lost the slide?...somehow i knew convenient.
that song sucks ass.
Does anyone know about Sarah Pratt's claim of abortions being performed on Joseph's Smith's plural wives? I have heard of this claim and would like to know more.
At 3:44, Petersen says that Joseph Smith found things with his divining rod.  What did he ever find?
@klarity*11. How can get get fired from being an apologist? It's an unpIaid job.@brenda kern...lots of people use devining rods in construction. I have used them....nothing spiritual about them. They have not been debunked. I can take you out in any parking lot and find the gas line.
I admire Daniel Peterson for his work with Islam.
Joseph may have been a prophet in the earlier years, but in the Nauvoo years I believe he was totally messed up. Too bad they didn't have any real psychiatric meds back then.
When I first heard of polyandry, I thought: "At last, equality!" But when I read the details, I became convinced that Joseph was deceived by satanic forces. That angel with the flaming sword was not sent by God.
Didn't this guy get fired as an apologist?
Wow! That's the dumbest crap I've heard yet.
I posted below on facts about JS's polygamist skirt chasing and a following post on genetic results of polygamy.

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