Mormon Cannery (LDS) - 1 Year Supply For 1 Person - Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Mormon Cannery (LDS) - 1 Year Supply For 1 Person - Who, What, When, Where, Why?

If you bought a year supply of food you're going to need get a year supply of water. Or even better 2 year supply of water. Want to eat with one to drink with. I don't know how you're going to protect that gigantic tank of water without everyone trying to get some water from it.
What about all the water you need to prepare all that dried food. Most preppers never share the solutions to that above all necessity to cook all this stored food. How much will you need for one person for a year. You are going to also need some to drink and take care of hygiene from time to time
The LDS canneries seem great, but I am a single man i wish they came in smaller cans.
The LDS Church used to reccomend one year of food storage. Now it is two years. It is required that believers store food.
I just discovered the Mormon cannery as well. Thanks for your video. I am just starting to prep.
Unfortunately there are no more LDS canneries. But you can still buy from LDS food storage companies.
Thank you for the info.. :") New to your channel.. :")
Do you most Mormon church to sell the stuff I would like to check it out?
9/19/18.....Good ideas with necessary info. I was on my smartphone looking for LDS Cannery site just last night....
so somehow I was led both to
the site + to your video within 12 hrs. A true miracle for trying to prep/put away food safely during
this time of much civil problems here in America.
Glad to see the SIZE of the cans b/c I couldn't figure out #10 can since I likecti cook & bake but have NO experience in canning or dry freezing or making jerky---NONE of those old fashioned "country" ways to put up food items.
I'm going to watch your video again---then Googke other LDS Cannery/food items & ideas....
make my list of food items & go to nearest location 1+ hr from my home.
Like Larry the cable guy says---GET HER DONE!
I like that you are thinking ahead. You'll need 4000 to 5000 calories a day if shtf or a disaster in your area. The work that's involved when the lights are out is unimaginable. Cutting trees, how to cook, do you have enough water stored, how to shower, where to sleep, bathroom ?etc. Also prep goodies, candy, choc chips etc. It helps morale. Good luck.
Wise is terrible food. Mountain House is better. LDS is awesome!
Love this!!
Can you buy from them if you aren't LDS?
I bought a years supply from a Wise type company and I realized, too, that there is missing food items that are essential to good health. I've been pecking away at buying freeze dried meat, veggies and fruit. I found the by accident and have ordered supplies from them. Very reasonably priced. Good review.
Do you have a list of the food you bought for the 1 year food storage for the cannery
nice size stack for the money i say good deal stay alert stay alive !
We used to be able to check out a #10 can sealer but that is no longer available and each empty can with lid was one dollar. I loved that because I could can "organic" powdered milk, wheat, rice, beans, apples and sugar. The government just can't leave churches & freedom alone. I guess gmo foods are better than nothing if you have no other choice. Now, I buy the few #10 can organic foods retail but must vacuum seal in Qt jars otherwise. It keeps well but if we have an earthquake a third of my food could well be destroyed. The people at the cannery are very pleasant to deal with.
do you have a list of all the food they sale ....not that much on their page,,maybe im on wrong page
My father was a High Priest in the Mormon church in American Samoa which is where he was originally from and many of my other family members from that side of the family are Mormons as well. I myself am not a Mormon as I wasn't raised by my father. I must say that my father was a very good man and very blessed and in all my life most of the Mormon people I have met are very good God loving people.

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