Mom harvesting potatoes pt.2

Mom harvesting potatoes pt.2

You must wait for the green tops to go yellow and dry up on their own. Smart idea the boxes.
So little for so tall pot 😂😂
Se plantar a cada 2 caixas produz mais e aproveita mais q terra adubada, tambem em sacos nailon ,latas de 20lts, e baldes plasticos velhos!!!
Help out
It seems like they weren't getting enough water. PVC pipe with holes all around like she said would fix that
Not many for all that work.
Wow! Amazing
Awww better luck next time. Make sure you have the right type of potatoes. Some will grow throughout as the leaves get higher when you add dirt. Others will only grow from underneath where the potato leaves start.
Thank you for sharing this video
Harvesting a little too soon ❤️ great job. Find your patience next growing season and allow the plants to dry before you pull.
This was not a disaster because something still was able to be produced sometimes life has a funny way of sidetracking you but nature will always take its course.. you are self-sufficient you have a green thumb you are amazing
Nice potato
Slabă producție!👎🇦🇩
Good gardening
Wow, boxes! How simple and genius. I have been trying to figure out how to pay for raised garden beds. Thanks for solving my problem.
And she didn't even get her white shirt dirty! lol
Do u. Reuse the soil????

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