Mom harvesting potatoes pt.2

Mom harvesting potatoes pt.2

I might try this next year. That was an excellent idea but I won't use chemical boxes like banana boxes.
Soil soil soil potatoes in it
Bumper crop honi chahiye..with the help of right knowledge
Thank you for sharing this video. You are so smart to have created such a great growing spot. I feel so excited about trying your technique come next springtime. I grew sweet potatoes when I was much younger, and they were wonderful. My grandmother sliced them and dehydrated them using her old cast iron stove. Then she stored them in airtight mason jars, and added them to soups and stews all Winter. I used a couple of sweet potatoes from the farmers market in the fall. I let them grow foliage and planted the plants with 3 ft. of foliage by the time spring came. We grew them in mounds...I forget the reason, but they grew way better in a big mound than in the flat garden. Today they treat a lot of them at grocery stores so they won't sprout, but I heard that the ones that Whole Foods sells are all untreated. Anyway. You are a complete inspiration and I plan to use the valuable information you were kind enough to share. Thank you !!!
Should have let plants die back
She is so sweet. Good video honey. 🌹✝️💕👍🏽
Only 3 peoples for the 1,000 subs. Here from México!
I think, what the Filmer saw was the potatoe fruit. You can also plant the potatoe fruit to get 2 years after a Pheno type of the potatoe. The normal root method clones the potatoe.
Tell your mom that she did a great job for her first vertical garden! My first vertical garden, I only found 3 potatoes! various sizes and not one of them can be considered a decent size! I'm so jealous right now! Stay blessed! ~MG
what a waste of soil, and money
Creative raise bed. I thought about that, and you proved it is possible. Thank you.
The only problem
be careful those boxes are sprayed with chemical to deter mold growth and insects
If its sweet potato is good..but regular potato is waste of your energy..only few
mom how many months from u plant and until u harvested? thanks
Chivalry is dead.
I keep watching many planting Stiles. Before I start to try. Potatoes grove differently. U having opened to early that for first. Green in the top take all straights that second. Not enought bright that for third.
The simplest food to grow is potatoes and it's introduced for u as such complicated job. Good luck for researches.
I think is so deep of planting
Go buy some potatoes.

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