Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Molefoam and Tape on Cropped Ears

Molefoam and Tape on Cropped Ears

Where did u get the glue from
Why do it if she doesn’t like it?
We are currently doing this to our cane corso. Thanks for such in-depth instructions!
does having ears up and cropped have an impact on the cold climate.usally pitbull after cropping show alil difference in their moods or is just the imbalance without full ears
I noticed in video you dog has the same fold towards the front of ear like my pup does...can that be corrected...because I am upset i notice some cuts don't have that
this girl sounds like rhonda rousey 8 years ago
what kind of ear crop style dies she have? ,She looks beautiful.
what kind of ear crop style dies she have.She looks beautiful.
How did you remove the Molefoam afterwards? Was it just a peel off the skin?
where can I buy that  adhesive glue
Did you have to retape during the 4 weeks she had the molefoam or is one set sufficient enoigh for the entore time, meaning will it come out
love the doggie

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