Modern Technology Agriculture Huge Machines

Modern Technology Agriculture Huge Machines

mucho avanse
هذا يضيع اليد العاملة .... ... ولا لذة ولا والو كلشي مصطنع بنانهم وتفاحهم بطاطتهم وعدسهم زيرو اللذة
very fine
Pure technology. I live in Brazil.
Where is this ??
And can I buy it ?
Olha que interessante... Hum... Tecnologia avanssadissima
It is learnt that human being tends not to hard dirty jobs in agriculture .Result of this,robots,machines have been developed in world,through research.Less water,max prodn,suitability of land for particular product is under soil test research.A revolution will happen if more education is done on this hard laborious field,I t I,polytechnic level,degree level,p h d level,only thenprogress,need base, will happen.
the things white people invent are amazing
The original Mortal Kombat theme song was better.
الات زراعيه قمه في التطور والاداء في العمل
I love agriculture!
And vegans think they don’t kill animals by eating corn, ha
What machine is that
Great Video
good technology
J ai 3 hectare dans la vallée du fleuve Sénégal je cherche partenaire numéro +221776023768
My agriculter framing channel
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Agricultural economics refers to economics as it relates to the "production, distribution and consumption of [agricultural] goods and services".

The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".