Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Modern Technology Agriculture Huge Machines

Modern Technology Agriculture Huge Machines

The industrial 🏭 revolution
The industrial revolution
Someone need to learn machinery, farming, and sales. Or any ideas to put into job
I have videos about agriculture. If you love videos agriculture new techniques, please go to my channel
Комбайны супер,жаль ,наши аграрии бедные,нам не видать таких машин ,наверное.вот это производительность!
Scooter se khetii, स्कूटर से खेती
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الحراك كله ضد اتحاد اوروبي و ضد فرنسا و ضد كلاب فرنسا و ضد اولاد فرنسا و ضد حزب فرنسا و ضد إنتخابات عصابة مزورة
Babeekant babeekant
ماشاء الله كلام علمي وعملي
Thanks planetApes for this video i hope you do not mind that we shared this video on our site as we have interest in these Technics for our farmers in our region.
Looking is so cool...
Nice work
Thank God the driver's are humans
sound qualli = nogo
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The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".