Modern farming technology - Invention Machine in Agriculture

Modern farming technology - Invention Machine in Agriculture

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تکنولوژی بسیارجالب و ارزشمند دارید .. من کشاورز برنج کار از دهکده ای در شمال ایران .. ما نیم تکنولوژی کار میکنیم.. سپاس از ارسال ویدئو
Excellent idea & information
i am an indian
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Vgd technology. Milking Cows ? I like to watch n learn about Milking Holesdain Cows.
nice,this will be getting better as time goes by
great did play of talents and technology that help the World.
we need this simple agricultural machines in African and Nigeria.
está bien la máquina de plantear arroz espero no salgan arroz de plástico muy sofisticada buestra tecnología limpia éxitos
saludos y gracias
Tato Ordaz

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