Modern Agriculture Tomato Processing - Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in #Europe

Modern Agriculture Tomato Processing - Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in #Europe

Me gustaría saber el monto de inversión necesario para una instalación así? Cuantas personas tienen trabajo ahi?? Y en que consiste cada una de las etapas? Seria interesante trabajar coordinados con ustedes.
Filmed in Netherlands!
La tecnología se ve espectacular, pero asusta bastante ver la cantidad de plásticos que genera!!!!!! Saludos!!!!!
Great work
with all that work, all those expensive equipments, phd labor.... how much would they sell the tomatoes for: $2000 a pound?? so wasteful and unsustaibable. never mind the huge impact on the environment. in jersey, you can grow all that in a backyard with just the grandma sprinkle irrigate them over one summer. cost? 10 cents a pound
ух какие пестицидные помидорки получились у них.)))
Boa tarde
Super super very nice abdate
Так всё красиво начиналось, с сисек. А потом какая-то муть пошла.
you need learn how to editing the video. blackout in the edge of the video.
I just want to harvest those watermelon 😁
Ça demande beaucoup de main d'oeuvre, de plus je me demande le coût du matériel investi et la rentabilité d'une telle installation, une petite ferme ne sera pas capable d'avoir ce genre d'équipements.
Tomatoes are very easy to grow if you purchase I will grow hundreds of ton organically
I missed a lot when I work in moshav Idan,, work in green houses growing and pick the tomatoes
Super technologie israélienne 👍
i like it
I'm here because of thumbnail😂🤣

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