Tomato Processing - Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in #Europe

Tomato Processing - Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in #Europe

tarım dediğin böyle olur
i pref those from my grandmas garden. llbit damaged or something but damn tasty af
machine of death @ 12:45
lol maybe ok on mars, but that's the reason tomatoes from the Netherlands tastes like water ^^
Canggih sekali ,, benar - benar negara yang hebat 😍
What an operation im totally floored.Works like clockwork totally stupendous.
whats with the fine af girls?
Fuck you israel
Amazing background music
الحساب أسرائيلي لا أحد يتابعه
awsome process to watch,
Não tem como duvidar que tamanha inteligência é dada a esse povo pelo Deus deles.' O Deus de Israel'.
#assembly line rip henry ford! Great businessman and strategic businessman.
tôn trọng sự thông Minh của dân tộc Do Thái..
Fuck Jews
مهما تقدمتم فانتم في بلد غيركم الفلسطينيين
Nice, I'll never by a tomato in my life. It's like eating plastic.
La tecnología puede cambiar y mejorar, pero el cuerpo humano no puede comer mas que lo mismo!🤔😁
After all the effort, man, those must be the most expensive tomatoes... i wonder how much it costs per kg...
i need this work, can you help me?

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