Modded Minecraft - FARMING FAILS Ep. 15 (Hermitcraft Feed The Beast Monster)

Modded Minecraft - FARMING FAILS Ep. 15 (Hermitcraft Feed The Beast Monster)

Hmm I thought jevin was a annoying yogscaster for some reason and avoided his videos. I'm glad to say that I actually enjoy his videos now!
what about the auctuple cobblestone
Creeper face 6:25-27left side

2:40 All of the tanks make you look like a mad scientists :P
jevin for the lava tank use a lava fabricator it uses power to make lava its from thermal expansion
did anyone else notice that ijevin is bad at typing or he types in the dark because everything he tries to type something he fails to spell it... haha
Gg sun gg what recording software do u use jevin ????? :):):):):):):):)/):):):):$:):) :$$$$$$
@iJevin, if you have the correct mods installed, you can add an AE wireless access terminal into the power glove.
i love to see this serie
i play FTB too end i like it
i am moking everey the same as #ijevin
With your thermal expansion machines, speed them up by putting a me interface instead of an import bus on the output face. It'll make output instant. Same with ejector upgrades for ic2 machines, you need to right click a block in the same direction the interface is in first.

I suggest you move some processing to ender io machines, because they can be upgraded with any capacitor (octadic being the best) in the bottom left slot of their GUI, making them much faster than their TE equivalents. The magma crucible and fluid transposer cannot be replaced though.
I had a hundred and something igneous extruders hooked to some opaque itemducts going into a recycler with about 15 overclockers. Everything else was running off 8 ultimate hybrids. UU is not very profitable, even if you have a ridiculous amount of power, but having 10 stacks of diamond blocks sitting around is nice. I also made an iron farm by setting the target to iron ore, and then using an induction smelter.

Overall, UU is more of a gimmick than anything, you'd get many more useful resources by using a laser drill, unless you need iridium.
Anyone else see the subliminal Creeper face flash?
I know a magic seed glitch where you have 1 work station 1 itemduct a pneumatic servo and a chest so what u do is when u are in the crafting station u shift click the recipe in the crafting station and you pipe with pneumatic servo will instantly pull it out and it will give u all of your items back to u
Wht mod pack is tht direwolf40??
how does it work when u click on the seed it appears in the pattern thingy, if i click on seed it only shows how to make it and i need to put in the stuff myself. (sorry i dont realy know how to explain it)
my suggestion is to enjoy it :)
I subbed keep up the good work ;)
+iJevin spicy breakfast FTW :)
Great video jevin

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