Missouri Modified Sky! 2-13-2012

Missouri Modified Sky! 2-13-2012

@ST0PSprayingUS Thanks for the great website info, I will have to check that out. Much Peace and Love!
@jdog091376 Last year here in KC, they were blasting us everyday. They are killing our beautiful world~ Peace!
@MrBuckwilliam Hello MrBuck! I use to stay up all night, and sleep all day. (Its my preference) but..of course, someone has to work. I hope your well. In the 80's this week, the weather is sure crazy. Love you my friend..much peace and love!
hi Fromplefeet, i've been pretty much sleeping away the daylight hours, then stayin' up all night. it feels kinda crazy since the warm sunny weather moved in. its like i'm mister contrary but i guess someone has to stay awake while eveyone else sleeps... anyway, the point being to thank you for posting the blue sky and i know it wasn't you that put those yuckiies up there and thank you for sharon and the wonderful song. much love to you and yours :)
@jdog091376. :) .... :(
This is looking like Michigan. I am waiting for the animals to die. When they do I will be posting dead animals.
Thanks! Peace! .V,,
@fructmals This was taken close to Independence Mo. Thanks for the comment! Peace! :)
Just got back from wedding in Kansas City. We stayed in West Plains one night just trying to get out there. Beautiful wide open spaces full of farmland. Livestock and wild birds everywhere. I would hate to see all this crap in the skies have severe effects on our farmlands. Somebody needs to look up! Keep it clean America! suzq.

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