Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Mini Milkers - The Miniature Jersey Cow

Mini Milkers - The Miniature Jersey Cow

This is great
sweet love em
Thank you so much for this video. I love how you care for the cows. Wish I was near to learn from you
Love your video
I considering getting a miniature jersey. Your video helped a lot and I love how you care for them. Wish I could be there to help and learn from you. Thank you for doing this video.🥰
They are so cute
I would LOVE to have that last young cow you milked...the one who didn't want to leave the parlor and you'd had enough of! I loved her temperament..and she had the best udder attachment and good sized uniform teats...a beautiful young cow!! I can just imagine makin'a complete pet-cow outta her...brushin' and treats..sleepin'next to her warm,rumbly side lyin' in the pasture listenin' to the mockingbirds and mountain-finches....
Them little calves look like fawns...shoot, oughta make a calf-pacifier!
Calves will suck on each other!!
My auntie useta drench scouring calves with Pepto-bismol!!
Puttin' a trochanter into a bloated cow is only done if the situation is life and death.
Cows LOVE brushin' n'scratchin'!!
I love cows!! My aunt had a milking dairy but Belle was the house-cow and was gentle and easy to hand-milk, even by a little niece.. She gave the richest milk you ever saw and the summer-butter Grandma churned was better than any I've ever tasted. Belle was a Jersey.
The rest were breachy old Holsteins.
I have Grandma's old churn and three acres and a dream of a having a milk-cow someday..
I bought Guernsey cows (two) but I have to admit that the Jersey's have such cute faces and the mini Jerseys are just adorable. They are like little Munchkin cows from Lollipop Land!
I am on the verge of being a dairy cow owner. I've milked goats by hand, but never had any experience with a milking machine and never owned a cow. After watching this video, I feel as if I am ready to slide right into it. This is one of the best instructional videos I have seen, aside from being a good vid for owners / would be owners of the mini Jersey.. This is a great video for anyone considering to own a dairy cow. Thanks!
That was a great video; informative, well edited and not too much fluff. Calves are always fun too
You have the sweetest little Jersey's! I loved watching the calves drink their bottles😊! I think you've got them spoiled rotten too! ❤
How many male and females do you have ?
How often should I milk a dexter cow
Jersey cow's milk is harmful for humans body. Desi Indian cow's milk is A2 type. Ayurveda prefer desi cows for good health. Because desi cow's dung, urine, milk and milk products is good for our health. Desi cows more important for our environment.

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