Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Mini Ice Age India and the South Africa effect

Mini Ice Age India and the South Africa effect

During the last ice age, India was green and relatively warm. There was plenty of thriving flora and fauna. If a new mini Ice age occurs, India can ride it out and continue or even expand agricultural production through already existing technology. I wouldn't say the same about Europe and North America.
I was shocked to know that Pakistan has started preparing for it not india
How long is this supposed to last?
Did you lose a bet?
These areas you have listed are cooking right now.
Next prove we are all in a terrible drought exspecily the flooded areas. Good luck. SMH!
north africa is a desert its gonna be be a savana . this is what prophet mohamed said .
India and South Asia is already Overpopulated, do you see a Major Population collapse in India/South-Asia and Part of the Developing World, I guess Africa will be heavily impacted as well. My Hunch is the Developed/Advanced nations will either "keep all the food" for their nations + even maybe Invade or Coerce Poor nations and help them make farming their far more efficient...

Also in My personal Opinion, I don't believe Europe/China or The US/North-America will have 1km thick Ice Sheets...

...It will be like the Dalton Minimum, harsher winters (EG - the river Thames Freezing over and thick snow). My Grandad has always told me Modern Tech has made the young in to softies, I don't think many in Europe/US or Canada will be able to Handel the Mini-Ice Age....
anyone know what India's flora and funna was like during ice age?
Just remember who started the Global Warming bull shit - AL GORE and his theories were shot down in flames by Lord Christopher Monckton several years ago when he came to Australia . Gore refused to debate the subject with Lord Monckton . Ran like a cowered with his tail between his legs
How about countries in the Equator like Malaysia or Indonesia? More rains and heat or it gets cool during the mini ice age?
Qatar recorded its coldest day in countries history on Friday 1.5 C.
India reduced its tariffs on Wheat. They have a shortage due to a bad season last year.
China fully understand this and are parking themselves on the equator in africa with Angola being one of their major investments. They've built replica cities all over africa that no one lives in lol
It looks as though it is time to start buiding greenhouses. I wish I had a bigger back yard.
What your saying about N.Africa & Middle East is totally true. There was a dry river with 7 KM wide. and many other things.
What does the green coloring at about 8:00 mean?
thanx jan ....i appreciate ur efforts...and thanx for attending my request....peace
my wife's family in quezon city Philippines said this is the wettest dry season they've had
Jan, wat is ons reen vooruitsig vir die karoo. Ek het op google maps gesien dat daar baie klein revierlooppies is wat damwale het, kan dit wees van die laaste mini ice age in laat 1600-1700 dat daar meer water was?
China's CPEC passing pakistan - now I am getting why they Invested so heavily in Pakistan - they know whats coming - russia also joining Pakistan on this project!

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