Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

I've been working on this for the past 5 or so hours. I've put it in my survival world underground beneath my house within a mountain. Thus, you DO have to light up as much of the surrounding caves, mine shafts, and ravines for this to work. It has 5 total levels, the bottom-most being 22 from my killing floor and the top about 50 (5 blocks per floor including the ceiling). Thus, I've had to make a room 1 block below the bottom-most floor to chill in for a few minutes to allow spawnings on every level.

Now, concerning spiders, those suckers will climb up anything, including the walls of each spawn chambers and the chute. Additionally, they will clog up the top of the chute that connects to the bottom-most spawn chamber.

Solutions: I've lined the middle layer of each spawn chamber with signs and the entire chute with signs. Yes, this is resource-heavy, but it's the best solution to spiders climbing. I've moved the pool of water half way down and made it one block of water instead of an infinite source. Additionally, I've put a level of cacti a quarter of the way up the chute from the killing floor and three-fourths of the way up (half-way between the water and the bottom-most spawn chamber). This all to prevent them from climbing back up, but it's not fool-proof.

Also, I've not found much to help with the clogging at the top of the chute besides moving the water down the chute. Lastly, because of that, the mobs are no longer one hit kill when they hit the bottom, but this mob grinder does definitely work and get lots of mobs. Props, mane. Hope this helps others!

EDIT: oh! I must also note that I did not use dispensers for the water because, while they'll dispense the water when you turn the grinder on, they won't pick it back up when you turn it off. Thus, I replaced the dispenser with a pistons and turn the grinder on to extend all the pistons. I then put a block of water in the wall where the piston would be blocking it from pouring out when it's extended.

So, when I turn the grinder on, I'm really turning off (retracting) all the pistons to release the water. Once I'm done, I turn the grinder off extending the pistons and blocking the water.
Doesn't work with 0 light lvl and every area within 128 blocks lit up. Funny thing is that mobs did spawn before I finished it, but after finishing it I haven't gotten a single spawn after waiting for an hour.
Try and do this in survival
The problem I have is there is no mobs spawning of course it doesn’t work for me but for you it automatically works
So here what happened to me.
I play on the w10 edition. I've made a backup save and spent few hours digging and building the whole thing underground just to discover that exp farms don't work on this edition. I was about to get mad when I casually mined a block under the base of the structure and found a zombie cage spawner. So I loaded the backup, dug straight to the spawner and made a farm around it LOL
Wait...but i did want to enchant the rubber duck tho
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wha do yu mean
After a little bit of fussing with the dispensers, this build works just fine for me. I've noticed you have to flip the switch on and then off in order for the dispensers to... dispense the water and then repeat the process to retract the water once you've finished with your wave of mobs. Otherwise, it works just fine. A little slow, but works well for my first mob/xp farm.
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Hey my water keeps freezing.......
Is it necessary to have the "falling tower"? Like, can't I just make a hole and let them fall straight down on their own?
I have done everything correctly and I have lit up every single inch around the farm, and I still get hardly anything that spawns in. How do I make it so that I can get a bunch of mobs that spawn?
My dispensers are going crazy! Sometimes only one will come on or off, sometimes two will come on or off and sometimes three but never all four. And to make things worse, the turn on and off by themselves sometimes. 😣😥😤
Does this work on ps4 2019?
Built it didnt work . xbox one s
can this work without the redstone/toggle? I tried building it with just running water in the corners but nothing is spawning.
Omg thank you very much ima try this hope it works i just got lots of cubble stone sitting in my chest 😅
does this still work? i built it last night and i only had a creeper and a skeleton spawn...weird when i built it though...tons of zombies and spiders and skeletons spawned at ground level....and drowned....i mean i feel like i also need to go cave searching and light stuff up underground and underwater....i did everything as you said except that lighting up caves (that's just a time consuming process and I wanted to get it built first)....anyway...took out the signs part so idk if i need to do anything else or just wait at the bottom for 20 minutes and be patient (also did my outer decoration with sandstone...pretty fond of sandstone!)...always appreciate when you're like "it's my world so knocker off"

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