Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

If u go on creative you can smash all of the enchatments together into one book if u do it right then duplicate it still in creative by placing it in item signs then destroying them then u can make ur armor and weapons over powered such as a 3.0 damaging hoe which is awesome cause it does 0.0 your sword will do 10.0 when it origionally does 7.0 ur axe will do like 9 maybe idk if it's ur axe or pickaxe but it's an amazing thing to do it makes u over powered but if u do the server glitch on the base game then u can make it to survival and have diamond enchated godly armor and weapons.
i don it in survival mode
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My only question is how do I build something like this in survival? 20 levels up, & then however many levels I'd like to add to it, that's going to be a crap ton of ladders...
This was WAY harder than I expected it to be! Also, the dispensers do not pick up the water after you turn the lever off. So i would recommend putting a piston underneath a water source. When you turn the lever on, the piston retracts and the water flows. When you turn the lever off, the piston goes out and stops the water because the end of the piston is blocking the water from falling. Also do not do this inside of a mountain like me, it made it way more difficult to do. I kept on turning on the water and it destroyed all my redstone. I had to redo the redstone part like 10 times before I got it to work. Do it in the middle of an ocean so you have lots of free space and you don't need to go around and put torches everywhere. Took me like 3 hours to do this but it probably wont take as long if you do it over an ocean. Lmk how it goes, Im curious to see how yall did this.
Thanks Avomance, now I have an xp farm for my survival world.
Could you put pistons in a switch to push the guys standing too far away towards you? Just being lazy...
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I built this and it doesn't even work
Built it twice tedstone must need work every time I built it exactly like you said in the video. The water dosent retreat and all but one works. I say skip the water and fancy red stone let them spawn and drop. Plus you must have spawned a lot in to reach that level mine never got that high unless I spawned a crap ton in. And ladders work better than signs. It helps pull them down vs keeping them up. It takes a long time for it to automatically turn off. It takes about 3 minutes for each one individually to go off. Rather than them all come off at once.
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Thanks for making another great tutorial it really helps so keep up the good work
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Built this on my survival realm. Let me tell you, it is epic! I didn’t get the proportions 100% spot on at first but got it sorted, but mine is not close to as pretty. Thanks for the guide!
I am getting no mobs! Help!

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