Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

fat slob
Y'know a world download would be nice...
Does this design work on xbox edition?
Will that work on minecraft survival 1.12 at server guildcraft
The Redstone isn't working I did everything correctly
First, you need to be aware of spawning mechanism of monsters : they can only be spawned in range of 128blocks from the player and they start to disappear randomly when they are out of this range.
That means if you build any kind of mob farm in survival mod, which means you are standing on the ground most of the time while the farm is operating, the monsters will be spawned in the dark place like caves, dungeons or something like that exists under 128blocks from you rather be spawned in the ‘farm’
That means it significantly decrease(actually NOT spawning) the spawning rate of the mob farm when you build one in survival
good content, but your not very good at speaking.
02:26 thank me later
Hi - this is excellent - thank you for the detailed instructions. I've set mine up, but the only things reaching the bottom are zombies and skeletons. If I go to the top of the glass tower, I can see spiders and creepers but they don't fall down the tower. Do you know what I might have done wrong?

I tried removing the water from the top of the glass tower and the signs also... but it didn't seem to help.

With the water still in the middle you can see they get stuck in the middle but dont fall down. On this screenshot, there are no signs, but the water blocks are still in the middle at the top of the glass tower. The mobs don't fall down for some reason but stay in the middle bobbing up and down:


An xp farm on flat world isn't representative at all.
will it work in 1.13
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But I still want to enchant the rubber duck
Hmm, this isnt working lets see whats the problem in the circuit... (sees there's no redstone) OH SEEMS LIKE IVE FORGOTTEN THE REDSTONE
Thank you :)
Does it work 1.13?
Does this work in 1.13?

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