Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft XP Farm | How to make an XP Farm | Minecraft Mob Grinder lets build | Minecraft Tutorial

Whilst I was making this a spider climbed up the hole and scared the freakin daylight out of me.
btw mobs cant spawn in the same chunk as u ...
Spiders keep clogging up the works. I get maybe 5-6 dropping, tops. Any ideas? I'm over deep ocean ... no land in more than 100 blocks.
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I build this in survival and its working.
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That’s cool but mobs could fall down when your not there so I would add red stone lamps to turn on and off
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just built this is in MC PC Windows 10 on survival mode and nothing is spawning at all.
Why is there nothing spawning on mine
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if u r beast because you lose all your XP when u die u know and even if you find your death spot you will only get part of the XP that you lost
Here is my favorite way to farm in survival (involves simple duplicator (chest, Redstone, Redstone repeater, button))

If you go to the nether and get a silk touch pick axe, you can pick up a quartz ore block and then easily duplicate stacks on them. Then if you build them up in a straight line and chop them down you get levels at a time
I just made it but no mobs are spawning in ,
it is driving me nuts that every 5seconds he says polarity it will reverse the polarity the priority over and over and over its crazy is getting a headake from it just say the reverse
Why aren’t they spawning for me? 😩 everything is working fine but nothing’s spawning 😭
A few suggestions, you could add a timer to the system to flip the water on and off automatically. You can also make it dual use by extending the tube down further and using pistons to block them from falling further then they can survive while you are using it. Also you should make the hole you are killing them through only a half block tall, if a baby spawns it could get through that I believe and it's unlikely but a spider may be able to do the same. The water placed on the signs is going to slow down mobs getting through as well.
I would appreciate if you tell us all the stuff needed before starting
Why not just build a mob grinder from mob spawners... Don't have to spend so many resources and it's more efficient. Only downside is that you don't get loot from Creepers.
Even better idea would be to do Ender Grinder

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