Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

If the mobs aren't properly going up the ladders, use a water elevator, that is 21-blocks tall, instead! (Water, then sign above that, & repeat)
thanks for showing me its good
if this doesn't work in 1.13, (i think it will), put soul sand on the bottom of the elevator and put a source water block on it. then bubbles will come up meaning it's a working elevator. plus you don't need ladders and stuff :)
Does this work with zombies
I tried this because they weren't going up the water elevator. But now they aren't wanting to use the later. Idk wat to do lol
Wow 30 lvl for few minutes
We did every step correct and the mobs just aren't spawning at all we wasted an hour for a disappointment and we basically lost a mob spawner
Work this on 1.13?
I can't get them to go up the ladder or water
This still works in the aquatic update, though i had to modify the design a bit. instead of ladders or a water elevator, i put water all the way through where the ladders were going to be, and put soul sand at the bottom. because soul sand makes mobs fly up through the water, it sent them straight to the top. i also had to put a current at the top of it because they were just staying in the water and not moving along the little corridor. that current pushes them straight onto the drop. so, the design still "works" but it requires a bit of tweaking.
I replaced ladder with water elevator and it works perfect! (1.12, zombies in cave). Thank so much!!!
The zombies didn't climb the ladder and there are many of then in that hole doing nothing! Even if i place water
If people find this for xbox one, everything worked except the water at the top of the ladder. I had to remove that and then it worked perfectly. Thanks!
Hey I realize this video is a bit old now, but I just recently made your farm and it was working. Now with the 1.5.0 update the skeletons get stuck at the top of the ladder. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks
just a little constructive criticism, the music audio is a bit too loud and its hard to hear your voice
Plz continue making videos like this
stil works!! and relly good
works great, used water instead of ladders, also made a tiny side room to kill the baby zombies, good tutorial.
Best xp farm I ever saw thank you so much just subscribed and liked
Just made this and it works thanks for makin it so simple, it was my first time doin it.how do i get more skeletons to come, they only seem to be 6 or 8 in it

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