Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

If the mobs aren't properly going up the ladders, use a water elevator, that is 21-blocks tall, instead! (Water, then sign above that, & repeat)
thank you
Wow I can’t thank you enough this was my first xp farm and I gotta say it’s class… so thanks! Bye
I can't see use night vision dummy
built it exactly like this and i got two mobs in about 20 minutes, fixed it by replacing the ladders with a sign and water elevator and it works great now!!!
To get mob drops u can dig down 2 where they drop and put hopper and chest
Cool video
If you are waching this is in 2018 like this comment
Not working)-:
I forgot to take it of pecefull
Thanks for this video! Got it working, but not with a ladder. Had to use a chute with suspended water blocks (water above a sign on the wall) to make the skeletons go up to the top. I see in your example how easy the ladder worked with zombies though, so I'm wondering if skeletons just won't climb the ladder because they're carrying bows? Anyway, thanks!
more like 16 buckets of water . 8 per side.
Hi my skeleton is not going up the ladder
8:26 how many block this is ?? sorry i am czech :(
Omg it worked thanks so much
It worked great and at some point my zombies stopped climbing the ladder PLS HELP
When I got to 10 on my ladder it had hit the surface
why did my dad leave me
Nice video tutorial. Had to use the water elevator. Still works awesome on the switch!

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