Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

If the mobs aren't properly going up the ladders, use a water elevator, that is 21-blocks tall, instead! (Water, then sign above that, & repeat)
does it works in 1.12 - 1.12.2?
You best builder ever
I simply dug down 22 blocks instead of using the ladders and it works just fine. Thanks for the tutorial.
not wokring in 1.13 snapshot? when i place the water on top of the ladder, it doesn't flow... help!
Overly complicated for no good reason. No need to cut out walls, etc, just 9x9 water on one wall, dig out 9th blocks one down, then two buckets in corners. Jeesh. So easy by comparison to your dumb ideas.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \{^.^}/
wow thx so much now i know how
Cuzão carai filha da pulta
it'd be great if you put the actual song names, at least, in the description next to the links to (ONLY) the channels. im looking for the specific songs, not just their channels...
What’s better? Ladders or water elevator
I dug into a ocean at the top of the ladder and got absolutely destroyed
I love the symmetry of this farm! :)
nice :)
World download? :D
thanks u earnd a sub
well i have seen this exactly same toturial on another channel so i already have this farm

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