Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

Minecraft Tutorial - (FAST & EFFICIENT) Skeleton/Zombie XP Farm

****NEW 1.13 DESIGN**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1xKJNpxfiQ&lc=z23wvtv4ypjnu5hthacdp435oj3b4px5vsfexfvfjdlw03c010c
In the first 10 second,I thought you are hacking.
Hey I don't know why but the skellys won't climb the latter
When I put my water down it went down the ladder. What do I do??
While I appreciate this video it really sucks that you didn't mention the ladders would pull you up too. I wasn't aware of that and I got pulled up and the skeleton archers shot from above and I died and lost my hardcore world... Oh well I guess. Lesson learned
I like the ladder better than the alternating water and signs, especially since that does not deliver baby zombies and they bog the system.
Anybody in version 1.13 can place water source blocks all 22 blocks high with soul sand under it for a water elevator
I guess if your on 1.13.1 the elevator doesn't work with zombie spawner. The zombies don't swim upwards because they now just drown and turn into the new 'drowned' mob. Also for some reason the zombies wont climb the damn ladders. They followed me up the ladder upon testing but just cluster at the bottom otherwise. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Nice video though ;)
They can’t climb up the ladder for me
use hopper and chest too
jsut built this and the ladder version did not work as they got all clogged up on bottom of the ladder, changed to sign version and they are still not going up. duno if f i did put the sign in wrong order or something
1.12 zombie dont work, zombie dont go up
Is this on PS4
Hello I tried to build it but it didn't work for me
thanks for showing me its good
if this doesn't work in 1.13, (i think it will), put soul sand on the bottom of the elevator and put a source water block on it. then bubbles will come up meaning it's a working elevator. plus you don't need ladders and stuff :)
Does this work with zombies
I tried this because they weren't going up the water elevator. But now they aren't wanting to use the later. Idk wat to do lol
Wow 30 lvl for few minutes
We did every step correct and the mobs just aren't spawning at all we wasted an hour for a disappointment and we basically lost a mob spawner

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