Minecraft: Tekkit with Lewis - Crop-Matron, Alloy Furnace and Project Table #49

Minecraft: Tekkit with Lewis - Crop-Matron, Alloy Furnace and Project Table #49

You are good at this. I think you have earned a like and a subscribe from me :D
lol to your dog
What is your world seed and cordinates?
Because I use white wool on the floor.
I downloaded sphax pure bd craft but the marble i have is different than yours how is that?
Hey man you awesome and you shoud do a dark generator
ah thanks dude, you rock!
lewis your videos are epic i think you should be partnered with a person that has like 90,000 subs :) and please make a episode that you show us all the pipe and how to make them and use them
hey lewis. i sent you a message, if you dont mind could you check it out :D
Glad they are helpful :D
Thanks, I am from south England just a little up from Cornwall.
I will be making multiple Tekkit servers once I am partnered as I will be using the money I make to run them :D
thanks :D
I was thinking on doing a episode on signalling as I didn't go into that, seems like a good idea :D
thanks means allot :D
once I get partnered but that will be sometime yet, depends how well the channel does.
Lewis, I was wondering where are you from? I just started following you, and I really like your accent and your videos ofcourse. Keep up the good work.
could you please make a tekkit server because you are amazing at tekkit and I am pretty good myself
Im at a point where i have pretty much everything in tekkit legit so i look to ur videos for things to do :P

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