Minecraft - Raiders of the Lost Archives #2 - Yoglabs

Minecraft - Raiders of the Lost Archives #2 - Yoglabs

14:45 All these squares make a circle.
7:18 Borat?
The russian nuke looks like something from carrot for a cock but i don't know what
Wow I couldn't imagine a dimension where a dragon is there and the ground looks like cheese and at the end has a boring ending
I miss yoglabs
I've been a huge fan of Stargate since the movie. Holy. SHIT. tears It's so beautiful....
It's the Eradar Twins
like 4 years and i finally understood the end joke
the amount of times Lewis says "don't worry about it" in this series...
How the hell did they build all of this?
OMG It's almost been 4 years what have I been doing with my life :(
omg circles in Minecraft mind blown
I recently watched the stargate movie and its only now after rewatching this that I realise what that pyramid is reprisenting...
borat :D
simons logic = 😆😆😆😆😆😆
I'm watching this in 2017, I miss Yoglabs
The 5th person who likes this comment gets a star gate build it yourself from Chevrons
yup I get it
So that's why it's called the lady killer

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