Minecraft Mods - YogLabs Part 2 - Having a BBQ

Minecraft Mods - YogLabs Part 2 - Having a BBQ

imlazyerthanyou I do
5 years later and the coffee machine is still broken...
"I fancy a bit of beef" skip forward a few seconds "I'm ready"
what's wrong with the coffee machine? It's broken, I'll fix it (2064 episodes later) Still haven't had my coffee, Lewis
who's watching in 2017 because you miss the old yogscast like hell !!!
Cobblestone is completely usless
For sim reason when I Play the video I smell chicken NO JOKE
The workers at a weapon factory in Hiroshima before the nuke, colorized, August 6th, 1945
Crazy that we have alot of these now
Cobble isn't useless lewis it's great fro building and emergency block supply and other stuff if you do mods
the nostalgia ;~;
man, old minecraft mods were so, uh, simple and experimental. and not to mention a huge pain in the rear to install, and to get more than one working at the same time.
cobblestone =life
Jesus I feel old
Reply if you're watching 2017!!!
is there a map download?
I wish to continue the experimentation process lol
i dont know but it seems like seeing them this year is like they just uploaded now huh?
funnyest pair on here
Simon:How do i do this agian?
Lewis: Neyhahfsjdagdg

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