Minecraft Mods - YogLabs Part 1 - Welcome to the Facility

Minecraft Mods - YogLabs Part 1 - Welcome to the Facility

my childhood.... and here I am about to go off to college....
i saw a goat sim ad when the sheep part was playing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
2018 🙂
0:00 The beginning of something AMAZE-PIG!
Holy shit this was my childhood
The nostalgia
someone please explain what the hell happened to the yogscast? I mean this channel was my childhood and like you even look on hannah's channel and shes getting like 2k views a video and its crazy. what happened?
used to watch this series alot when i was 12
6 years. This is still amazing.
is daisy in there?
Whos watching yoglabs in 2018
RIP YogLabs
Rise of SSI Laboratories
cries I miss the good ol days
I don't think we ever got a chance to truly appreciate all of the hard work Tom and the others put into building this set. We only ever get to see it from Lewis and Simon's point of views, which we all know only ever glances the surface of any map, MC or otherwise.
2018 anyone?
2018 anyone?

I'm rewatching after a few years, you?
ahh how i miss this
man i miss the feeling of being as excited as i was whenever i watched a yoglabs video.
Missed this

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