Minecraft Mods - Mechs vs Mobzilla - YogLabs

Minecraft Mods - Mechs vs Mobzilla - YogLabs

Its been like five years since I watch this video last, yet I remember it so clearly.
That Can't Be Mothra
Dose anyone know what map there playing on and if you can get a seed or a download for it?
"Its a gaijin"
Yes Simon it's a non-japanese person
Do NOT listen to 11:04 with youre eyes closed xD
anyone watching in 2018
You know... You could have used the cages
They should’ve fought the kraken from that mod
Fun fact: there are two moth kaiju in the godzilla franchise. Mothra of course, and Battra
i miss the old days
So, uh...

Why was there a random Monster Hunter monster?
What is the song called at 9:55
lol gaijin means foreigner in japanese 6:55
Shoot him in the ass
At 7:52 Simon gets new stuff in he's hot bar
This video is nostalgia for me
Lewis: He's smashing me in my hole, my holes getting deeper - 2013
when you realise giagin mean immagrant in japanease

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