Minecraft Mods - Little Maids Mod - YogLabs

Minecraft Mods - Little Maids Mod - YogLabs

Pizzas are round oh right

Not in Pennsylvania, we’ve got square pizzas
Just as good 5 years later
Omi WA mou shindeiru
"Pizzas are rounder- oh, right, yeah, Minecraft." Love that bit.

8:19 if you're wondering where.
Omg this is so funny
is any one watching this in 2018 to
Where would u find them in survival
Now if I can somehow make this mod work with Tinker's Construct, then I will never feel alone again.
"How do I make them love me?" Simon Lane 2013
Kawiie does the job
loli mod
8:55 It's yuno!
Wow, has anyone noticed that the little maids have red eyes😐
was I the only one that kinda thought that it was "little mermaids"?
They're so adorable, but so weird. lmao
man, i remember when these were new :(
Ooh, it's been a while..

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