Minecraft Mods - Galacticraft - Lift Off! - YogLabs

Minecraft Mods - Galacticraft - Lift Off! - YogLabs

At 8:32 what tf are you talking about Simon
I love drinking from my reinforced slush bucket.
It's not aluminum
It's aluminium
he sound so sick
6:40 Ahhhh Wallace and Gromit
theres MAGIC in this mod, because theres no air on the moon, therefore, parachutes cant work.
"I wanna go to uranus" "maybe one day ;)
You know, I cant play minecraft anymore... I dont find it enjoyable... Played it too much and now its boring.... but when I watch these two play it, God, I have never wanted to play MC more.
come to think of it that star peice of sky box is not something you want to see infact that would mean you are close enough to a black hole that the tidal forces would rip you apart on the cellular level.
National - Yational
Aliens all over agin, but on erth Simon and Lewis! Sigh
InTheLittleRocket. Heh.
It is green.
And thus spacequest was born
Little did they know this would be the end of the Jaffa Factory
I did
Simon logic. Fly to the sun at night so you don't get burnt

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