Minecraft Mods - Delicious Choccy Treats - YogLabs

Minecraft Mods - Delicious Choccy Treats - YogLabs

7:59 for fucks sake yogscast. When will those good old days be back?

NOTE: Even if they will come back I do not think it would be the same tbh.
Contraflow I believe the term is
i feel like yogslab having a thaumcraft crimson cult helping them out would be a Neat way to cover the mod. the initiation of simon into the magical illuminati known as the crimson cult!
Watching this while drinking chocolate milk was not the best idea in the world
Anyone else notice the sirens at 5:00
Last ep said he didn't have friends now 7mil people are his friends 😶 well done simon
israphel is being a creep ... looking at pigs anuses
I don't recommend watching this while eating a ham sandwich
2:41 *stares at pig soul*
Iserphel has returned
I get the joke guys but I'm gonna eat McDonald's
Not that a lot of the non YogDonalds Food industry is much better then this.
I am really starting to get tired of your shiet Lewis and Simon stop teasing your viewers how would you like it if something you used to watch stopped for about 4 years now and another show started by the same people put in teases of it returning but never making another episode of it huh!?
I'm eating MCdonalds...
Simon is like: "oh ok, hes making sewage into chocolate milk -ok "
the title choccy, should have been typed "choccy"
The hard drives would make a great way to store prisoners, given breakout is near impossible by yourself, and very difficult if by others.

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