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2019 for old times sake?
I love how Simon refers himself as a mom 😭😂😂
Sasha is like a head crab XD
7:50 made me cry LOL, SIMON AND LEWIS LAUGHING SO HARD GIVES ME LIFE (also I'm binge watching the yogscast B^) )
7:35 Is someone mowing the lawn?
Cant believe this was 5 years ago. I think Tom is Sriveramen
1:46 "lol"
She's named after heavy's minigun Sasha
you should have called it ''fuze''
5:36 Lewis just called Dr. Srivaramen, Testificate M.D.
they should of put chemical x on puffy
The minion Creeper is adorable!!!!!!!!!!#So Cute!
My dogs called Sasher
finally, a cool channel which is english
🎼Puffy cloud 🎶puffy cloud 🎶 what were they feeding you🎶❓
🎼Puffy cloud 🎶puffy cloud 🎶you were explosive🎶
🎼puffy cloud 🎶puffy cloud🎶it's not your faulllt!
RIP Puffy Cloud.

P.s where are all my F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans at?
R.I.P Puffy Clouds
later after this episode simon killed himself and all his clones so Lewis makes a time machine and prevents puffy from dieing to save simon
Creeper egg omelette: when seasoned a bit, it has EXPLOSIVE taste!
7:59-8:0 machine gun sounds?

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