Minecraft - AUTOMATIC IRON GOLEM FARM - Tutorial - PS4 / PE / Xbox / PS3 / Wii U

Minecraft - AUTOMATIC IRON GOLEM FARM - Tutorial - PS4 / PE / Xbox / PS3 / Wii U

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Good job for coming back to this video 364 days after you posted it. Other people just leave their videos after one day
Im the 11k like so does that count
Will you tell us how many blocks to use on each side?Up and down and across?
The gollems are spawning on the outside. Help!!
It worked for me
I play Minecraft on wi I u
Works 2018
You can say one thing other than gaining iron you gain dirt as well!
To be honest its very easy to make the villager part as all you need as two 30 doors and give them alot of bread and they will (breed) in the room you want them in
LOL i was 11...k
Does this still work?
Me and my mate's have been doing a iron farm on owe world and all the villages keep getting turned into witch's is there a way to stop that from happening
What's PE? ... Like Physical Education?
squids keep spawning... any tips?
Wicked tutorial Skippy, just got myself the PS4 so this will be one of the first things I build
Worked perfectly, my golem spawned at the exact same time yours did on the top level. It's almost like you were narrating what I was doing it synced up perfectly. Needless to say I'll be adding this to my 2018 collection of survival functional builds. 👍👏
Does havin too many villagers affect this because all mine just bred instantly also any other ways to make this more efficient?
Can I use glowstone under all the water source blocks so that way they don't freeze will that affect the efficiency of the farm

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