Minecraft - AUTOMATIC IRON GOLEM FARM - Tutorial - PS4 / PE / Xbox / PS3 / Wii U

Minecraft - AUTOMATIC IRON GOLEM FARM - Tutorial - PS4 / PE / Xbox / PS3 / Wii U

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Do we need to kill villagers?
It work still?
Can anyone help me? On one side of this farm the villagers are disappearing and then the other side got an extra villager somehow
On the screen it said 2 buckets of water you said 3
does it works on a desert biome?
Im trying to learn how to build an iron farm for my multiplayer survival world. This will Really help thank you.
Is this still working in MCPE
You only need two water buckets
Thankyou my dude
Great Video as Always Skippy! :D

This Has Got To Be The Best Iron Farm For Console! As In Easy, Fast and Efficient! It also Works On Pocket Edition!
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Will this design work if you stack it on top of each other adding enough doors and villagers for two golems?
I was 300
Instead of putting slabs where the villagers go, till the ground and plant stuff and line the walls with torches! The villagers will breed themselves!
Love this whole idea
Will it work with 8 villagers thats all my world has 😭
you need more than 4x stone
but still good design
I did 18 blocks but it didn’t work
Oh well let’s try signs

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