Minecraft: Automated AFK Farming Tutorial

Minecraft: Automated AFK Farming Tutorial

1.13? If it doesn't work, is there any other way?
Thanks afk fishing is so hard on pe
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get windows 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 jk get windows 10
Hold w/a/s/d/space bar etc. and click f11
Or just use tapemouse since its way easier
Not what i was looking for but what i needed... lol
Hello, I don't know if you still update the description, but the way you can do the Alt + TAB on EVERY operating system, is by closing minecraft, pressing Windows + R, typing in %appdata%/.minecraft, and looking for a file named options.txt.
After that, open options.txt, and look for something saying PauseOnLostFocus:true. Replace the "true" with "false" and restart minecraft. Now you can alt + tab out without the game playing.
What do you use thes in Hermitcraft ha xisuma
window 8 anyone? pls help
Idk if this works for people, but you can hold left click and remove your mouse, and minecraft will think you are still clicking. Well, this means that you cannot pause the game
the best way of auto clicking is simply holding the correct button on the mouse and unplugging it.
if it is laptop what ?
This works for everyone
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This is very helpful!

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