Michigan state song (anthem)

Michigan state song (anthem)

Michigan proud.
Pax Michigander
The sun never sets on the Michigander Empire
This is NOT "My Michigan." It is the 1908 tune to "Michigan, My Michigan." The song "Michigan, My Michigan" is sung to TWO different melodies. The first version of the song, written in 1865, was sung to the tune of "O Tannenbaum" (which was/is also used as the tune for "Maryland, My Maryland." The lyrics were revised later in the 19th century but the same tune was kept. The lyrics were revised again in 1908, at which time the tune uploaded to this webpage was written to replace the melody "O Tannenbaum."

The melody of "My Michigan," written in 1937, is completely different from this one!
SuperMarioLogan lived there
Full version
Go Michigan
Me to i have to do a project about Michigan
Unlike other versions of "Michigan, My Michigan" that have been uploaded to YouTube, THIS one is the current tune, which was written in 1908 and replaced the "O Tannenbaum" as the tune, because that melody is also the tune used by "Maryland, My Maryland." "Michigan, My Michigan" is the state song children learn in schools, usually to the 1908 tune not the earlier one.

But this song is NOT Michigan's official anthem. The OFFICIAL anthem, which has a very similar name -- "My Michigan" -- was performed on the steps of the Michigan Legislature moments after the Governor signed the bill making it "an official song of the State of Michigan," and it has never been sung since. This is because the men who wrote "My Michigan" in the 1920s refused to sell or give their copyright to the State of Michigan, so nobody could sing it without paying a royalty -- with the result that nobody bothered to sing it. The Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan is one of the few places that even has a copy of the lyrics.
I live in Michigan so this is makes me proud
go michigan go usa
Is this Pokemon?
I wish that (I am a Michigan man) would have became our state anthem
Long Live The State of Michigan!!!
This sounds like "Michigan, My Michigan," which is not the state song. The state song is "My Michigan."
as a kid , I thought the state song was U of M's song lol
this video helps because i have a project about Michigan! 👍😊

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