Michael O'Neill Haulage Kilkenny

Michael O'Neill Haulage Kilkenny

Lovely clip, I enjoyed watching it, shame the clip is so short tho, lovely Scania's in the clip too, thank you for posting it.
Sure it was this company who had a very similar colour scheme to Eddie Stobbart
Youre making that job look very glamorous, but everyone knows its shite!
why were some trucks left hand drive if their an irish company?
I would love to drive one of them trucks it's my dream job I wish I could do my dream job and try driving one of them for the company 😢😭
Buy a daf
some trucks lovey
Is it a good place to work?
kick ass
Great. Video w/ Scania R
Nice one
Fair comment Barry. You know what they say "Less is More"!!!
Nice video. Stunning fleet of trucks and not plastered in bling. They look great.
More power to a successful Irish transport company.

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