Depression on the farm

Depression on the farm

Farming is so unique in many ways. Not only is it a lifestyle occupation (like the Military) but it is not an accessible occupation based only on interest like everything else. It is the only occupation that is entirely contingent on circumstances, family, and background. You can't be a kid from the suburbs or inner city who discovers an inner love of agriculture, goes to college or university to get training and then becomes a Farmer the same way as a farm kid could decide to become a Lawyer, or Teacher or Musician or Accountant. If you didn't learn it growing up; don't have a family farm or don't have a million dollars - you are never going to be a Farmer even if you want to be. Perhaps this reality weighs on Farmers who really don't want to be Farmers. I know I'd give my eye teeth to be a Farmer, but it has never been possible. Even my local Agricultural College discouraged me from a degree because I hadn't grown up on a farm and didn't have any land in my family.
I'd be pretty depressed contributing to that much animal cruelty, too. It's no wonder animal farmers and slaughterhouse workers have higher rates of suicide, depression, are over-represented in violent crime statistics, etc.. Convert your land to farm crops, or get out of farming entirely. It's a dead end street.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Well done.I applaude you.Similar pressures in dairy farming here in Ireland
this was really well done, thank you for making this
How well you tell a story.
Well killing animals all day long is gonna get you depressed

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