Meet My Vet: Guinea Pig Health Check Appointment

Meet My Vet: Guinea Pig Health Check Appointment

Omg your Guinea pig is adorable
Does Pecan bloat with veggies that don't have much water content?
My nearest exotic vet is 1 hour away! But so worth it.
The bit the vet was feeling at the back near her behind legs one of my guinea pigs won't let us tuch thst big and won't let us carry him. So we are taking them to the vets
I bring my guinea pigs ice burg lettus is that okay?
I love how the intro clip of Bullseye and Angus appears to be of them bickering. ❤
Reminds me of my boys
I have vet insurance for my piggies. It feels good to know I don't have to worry about huge vet expenses if something happens.
This is exactly why I wan to become a veterinarian specifically an exotic one. There are very few exotic vets in my area so I hope to use my knowledge and love for small animals to take care of them and help people. My dream would be to have my own pet clinic in my area with an attached small animal shelter as the nearest shelter to me is around 4 hours away.
Ok so I have a guinea pig rescue we think she’s about five however my mom says my piggies heathy and it would be a wast of money to bring her to the vet
Nooo I just got the notification but great vid love your vet and hope the piggies all stay healthy XX 😘
Love the video thanks☺
My guinea pig Molly looks exactly like Reese because she is orange and black!
Your vets are so sweet!!!!!
the subtitle says that you are 'skinny Peaks'
skinny Peaks one here so today's video I think is super exiting...
Skinnypig101 wear do you get your hay bags?
Hi :)
My parents said we should consider finding new homes for our little guinea pigs :( They have become to much work.
Hello! I just got two male guinea pigs yesterday and I was wondering is there a way to spot clean the cage without frightening the piggies?
Alright so my older gp burrito is bigger and we got bean who is about 4 months and is tiny but is furry, so I but them in a 30 *30 bin while I clean the cage but today bean was non stop pop Corning and it was annoying burrito so burrito started to loudly chatter his teeth to back off I don’t want to separate them is there anyway I could fix this so they don’t potentially fight
YES DR SARAH YES! This was a truly fabulous video, I'm so glad that your vet let you film your health check. I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a few good savvy exotic vets in your area! So glad you guys were able to come up with an action plan for Pecan's gut health, same thing happened to Honey as she aged.

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