Clark Harris Womens Jersey ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿ Meet My Guinea Pigs! Loeybug

Meet My Guinea Pigs! Loeybug

I used to have 3 guinea pigs:Butterball,Twix,and Scout.Butterball was the color of butter and she was fat so yeah,Twix looked like a Twix bar and Scout was black and white and explored everywhere she could.Butterball and Twix were my first two I loved them so much and took great care of them,but Butterball started getting a little sick,I tried to get her to eat,but she wasn't eating as much.One day I came home with my friend and my dad pulled me aside and told me Butterball had a seizure and died.I was so sad and I held Twix for a while,my friend had to leave bc I was so sad.I decided to get another one to play with Twix bc she was really sad after Butterball died.When I got scout she was so smol.They got along great and Twix acted as if she was Scouts mom.One day I had to sell them because I developed an allergic reaction to them.I gave them to someone we trusted and they are very happy.
Does your cats bother them?
Awwww I have guniea pigs too I also have skinny pigs which are bald guniea pigs I also have Peruvians and silkies and they are my babies I also live on a farm and we do rescue and fostering as well loey thank you so much for helping animals as well their are so many animals that need help! The animal community thanks you!!
Aww they are adorable yay for guinea pigs I also have guinea pigs who are brothers there names are oreo and chip.also what type of clippers do you use to clip there nails? I'm constantly having to take mine to the vet just to trim there nails. which in my opinion is a waste of money if I can do it on my own.
Hagrit looks like a wig lol and it's so cute
I love guinea pig! Especially long haired ones because of how fluffy they are :D
Please do a cage tour <3
i literary just subscribed to this channel and i was waiting for this vid and 20 mins later here it is 😂😂❤️❤️
I want a Guinea pig but I've heard they're high maintenance. So cute though!
Your Guine pig is so cute😱😝... first comment first liked
Ahhhh I love them
I have two myself name daisy and princess ❤️
Omg there so cute !!! I have two guinea pigs too and I have to lads too 😻❤️❤️
They are so cute and love your sweater😘
I have 4 guinea pigs
Early squad 🖤now Loey can notice me ahaha
I love you and your videos
love you loey!!😘

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