Marshmallow Farming

Marshmallow Farming

When my marshmallow plant started to grow it rained and my crop was ruined.
how will this affect the marshmallow puff
This is true I grew up on a marshmallow farm
i want to be just like you when i grow up become completely stupid.
I know the pain. I planted cabbage with razor blades trying to grow cole slaw, but the rain rusted the razor blades. Lost the whole crop.
and this whole time i thought they came from eggs
I switched to orange slices in the hopes of being able to have a crop of citrus. The sugar cop was not as fruitful as I imagined!
I wonder how long it took to put marshmallow on these trees maybe I'm wrong marshmallows grow on trees
Our Candy Cane crop went bust after the last El Nino, so we started over in the Arizona desert...but our Candy Canes grew thorns like the local cacti.
1.3m. Really 🤣👀
This is an old news story ran as an April fool's joke.
Oh so sad whoever believe this. April Fools
Where is Trump on this serious matter?
I had too much rain for my toilet paper farm last year so I'm switching to oreos.
I watched this at school And my teacher thought it was real
I'm dying lol
40 million lost 😆😂😂
I don't know what you guys are smoking in North Carolina farms but you are having the most fun farming in the entire USA. I wish you better luck next year. Thank you for making my day, that was a good one.
I think those are cotton trees....
wtf I always thought marshmallows were like made in a factory or something but they are actually like a frut where could I get some seeds to try and grow some?

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