Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Marshmallow Farming

Marshmallow Farming

He’s handsome! Who cares about the crop!
Never again will I put all my money in one stock. I lost my ass that year, had everything invested in the Smores market. No I've diversified and also bought Peeps!
What a waste of YouTube bandwidth!
this was really well done!
This is so stupid. Why do i see marshmallows in the store when they cant even grow them?
This is so sad. Reminds me of blight in the vast spaghetti fields during the 70s
I farm water, pretty bitter.
So sad, the green salad at Christmas Dinner will never be the same.
The bit when he spits it out "Bitter!" 😂
My teacher showed this to us on April fools lol
XD my teacher showed this to us on April fools I was like the only one who didn’t believe it
I am a sentient instrument and you cannot question me
My bet is that climate change is to blame!
This fucking video, I saw this on TV when I was like 5 and thought marshmallows grew on trees up until like 8th grade 🤣
Oh the humour of the 90s makes me smile
You losers believed that🙉🙉
This is meant for a joke for the other people that he works for.😃🙉
When my marshmallow plant started to grow it rained and my crop was ruined.

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