Marshmallow Farming

Marshmallow Farming

I watched this at school And my teacher thought it was real
I'm dying lol
40 million lost 😆😂😂
I don't know what you guys are smoking in North Carolina farms but you are having the most fun farming in the entire USA. I wish you better luck next year. Thank you for making my day, that was a good one.
I think those are cotton trees....
wtf I always thought marshmallows were like made in a factory or something but they are actually like a frut where could I get some seeds to try and grow some?
2:05 sliiiiight corpse, but great recovery. This is fantastic.
0:47 Swallows hard trying not to laugh You can see the laughter escaping from his eyes.
My chicken nuggets trees are damp and sour
Anyone else have donuts come up this year? We accidentally planted some when we tossed some stale Cheerios to the chickens. I guess some made it through and fell on fertile soil because now we have some stray plain, glazed, and powdered donut bushes in our old chicken run.
Woody Allen? What happened to your face?
Of yeah marshmallow tree lol and my Hershey’s tree keeps melting cause of the sun
Broadcast on April 1st no doubt😁😁
What the fuck
I recommend whitechocowalnut trees
I still have my biscuit trees and cornbread bushes, thankfully. Ain't nothin wrong with them. I'd rather eat em naturally grown than bought at the store.
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The best part is you know people believe this video!marshmallow crops...😂
The onion ripped this channel off

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