Marijuana Plants Taking Over German City

Marijuana Plants Taking Over German City

I've been living in Göttingen for over five years. It's a nice, quiet typical German town. Göttingen is a university town, but it is in no way like university towns in the States. What I mean is, this guerrilla planting in no way implies that Göttingen is a typical university town with lots of pot. In fact, almost no one here smokes it. The few who do, rarely do and have no idea where to get any(they likely crossed Holland's border with a tiny amount.) The university here is made up of serious medical, science and law students. People's politics here lean far to the left, but their mannerisms are rather conservative. It's weird because two new head shops have opened here in the past month. I believe this is the result of this over-blown image of Göttingen as a "pot town" because of these seeds being planted. Maybe these head shops are anticipating legalization, but I gotta tell ya, I don’t see it happening. I think these guerrilla green thumbs have good intentions, but I'm afraid they are just wasting their time and the police's time. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for legalization, but this issue isn't even on the German government's list of priorities. They did approve for patients to grow some and patients have access to Sativex, but that is about as much as the government will give into. Not to mention how they always negatively report about the use of cannabis in the news. Seriously, it's like Nancy Reagan all over again.
WTF?! Germany i thought you were cool with ganja when i was in berlin oh good times! 
You can legalize all drugs in Germany. 
deine mutter.
over grow the government
Fantastisch! Vielen dank
that is a great idea

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