Making Hay: "Grass: The Big Story" circa 1950 US Department of Agriculture USDA

Making Hay: "Grass: The Big Story" circa 1950 US Department of Agriculture USDA

Seems like this was made before the big corn subsidies. High fructose corn syrup rules the day.
Would love to be able to raise hay on our 10 acres of land. Just not sure where to start.
This is the life I want to live here in Texas.
If you are interested I have just posted “Hay Biology, Baling and Harvesting” I use it for an agricultural supplement for my 7th grade science glass. Most of the pictures are from our family farm. I use it to show examples of biology and engineering in everyday life. Thanks! Vincent
When did beef become unhealthy? When cattle are fed grain. LDL goes way up. It's like feeding candy to kids, the less grain the better. An agronomist from Oregon U said, What's old is new.
it is just amazing how information and practices from the 50's is still just as relevant today.
This is excellent stuff. Thank you for posting!
Excellent video !!! Back in the day when the USDA actually cared about the farmer !!!
Love to watch vintage videos like many of you like the same?
Now it's all confinement, confinement, confinement.  Pigs don't need pasture.  chickens don't need pasture.  Cows don't need pasture.  Craziness.

Neighbor runs 80 head of dairy cattle rotational grazing and seasonal.  He quits milking in January and starts again at the end of March when they all calve at the same time.  He's got about $25,000 worth of equipment in his entire line.  He is living better and netting more money than the guy with 800 cows in confinement and several million dollars worth of equipment...
I'm thinking the USDA stepped away from the common sense in this video. These principles seem to be creeping into the market, but so slowly, for having been known about for so many years! Thanks for posting!
My! has the USDA changed their tune since 1950. Now less farmers and larger farms equals more gov't control with agriculture. I would like to see more farmers raise hay and less GMO corn and soybeans in the America. Imagine how much healthy we would be as a county if there was more grazing and free range livestock and less feed lots. Could there be less cancer in America if natural fertilizers were used more instead of harsh chemicals?
Making Hay: "Grass: The Big Story" circa 1950 US Department of Agriculture: #grass #hay #farming

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