Mac Sabbath - 'More Ribs' (War Pigs), w/ Intro (Send In The Clowns)

Mac Sabbath - 'More Ribs' (War Pigs), w/ Intro (Send In The Clowns)

He almost sings better than ozzy
Slayer mccheese shredding as usual
Burger King Diamond opened for these guys in Fresno. Blew 'em off the stage.
This gas to be the worst SHIT I have ever seen.
Got a kick out of his Alice Cooper homage at the beginning.
I'm really in joy this video.its funny and so cool.i wish I was there to see this band.keep on rocken guys and good luck.
Were all gonna look back at all those phones and think WTF were we thinking!
I like how the guitarist is dressed
Their vocalist sucks
So stupid,another evidence about troubles in u.s.
Holy shit!!! This is the greatest Fucking band in the history of for Fucking ever! They are the God Damn G.O.A.T.!!"
I love the Peter Chris cat face on Hamburgler.
Needs CC, then it would be hilarious.
McDonald's McMassacre McMurder McDeath!
Disclaimer: Any likeness to Mc Donald’s characters is purely coincidental
the intro sound like puddles the clown
forever ruined my favorite Black Sabbath song....
Hammer Song...loud is beautiful.....!!....GROUND aus Hamburg ..bedankt sich...!!
I can die happy now....

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