Love Story: Skye X Jill Tribute

Love Story: Skye X Jill Tribute

I prefer the name Jill :/ The name Pony is kinda silly.
@345takashi thanks for telling me. :))))
@MinniLynnie123 no its one true media
Did you use windows movie maker to make the special effects? if not, please tell me how you did it?
This is REALLY REALLY good!!!!!!!!!!
where did u get all of the pics!!!! ive been trying 2 find almost all of them with absolutely no luck!!!!!! WHERE ARE THEY!!!
I am going to find an amv with the Clair in it.
lol. it's ok, it does kinda look like him^^
i love the song..i made a video that has this song too^^
the video was good,^^ but the last pic wasn't Skye, it's the Wizard from harvest moon animal march

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