Lord I Give You My Heart (Hillsong) @ City Harvest Church

Lord I Give You My Heart (Hillsong) @ City Harvest Church

Belle Soh!! Have the best version of this! This cover went deeper I’m talking about feeling it inside your skin, bones and veins! While listening to it! It’s more than a goosebumps! Praise the Lord!
while listening the Lord allowed spiritual knowledge i couldnt know naturally. these people , many have been abused by demonic people and spirits sexually. sexual spirits kept hitting me while i listened; many forms revealed.. i had to start rebuking them in Jesus name.. God bring healing to these your children. yes gifts of the Spirit really work.. i dont know why He revealed this to me. God heal them.... God hears your cries people of Indonesia.
This is our theme song to Honor GOD in every aspect of our lives in my soon partner in my life .
Here singing Philippines 👍
To GOD be the GLORY
I Belong to Jesus.
Lord I want to be with you dor the rest of my life
Thanks to Our God Lord Jesus coz have a beautiful worship songs I feel the Holly spirit GOD ....
Alabado sea el Rey de reyes, y Señor de señores, por este grupo y ministerio de adoradores y adoradoras de Dios, y bendito sea Dios por su Pastor. Dios bendiga su ministerio y adoración, y se produzcan grandes milagros y manifestaciones de Dios naturales y sobrenaturales en sus reuniones y fueras de ella. Dios bendiga las personas que ahí se congregan para adorar a Dios. y que llene a todos y a todas de su santo y buen espíritu. Dios bendiga sus voces y su entrega a la adoracion para con Dios. Les saluda Luz Nelly desde la ciudad de cali valle colombia
this is my desire to honor you Lord with all of my heart all of my soul and all of my mind😁😇💋
Please pray for me :((( i deal with ocd intrusive blasphemy thoughts :(( I am so saddddddd i hate this I dont want JESUS to deny me i am scared :(((((
Lord Jehovah I slender all come to my heart n drive my soul n body Father God give me my every need
Halleluja praise God
ile die at your side jesus -@ <@100😍😄🤗😚😇💫👑
very good song
For Jesus Good All the Times Ini My Life... Amen
I'm speechless. Nothing but to humble myself under His Mighty Hand. In due time He lifts you up.
one of my favorite worship song...glory to GOD

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