'Locally Abundant' - Sustainable Food Documentary (full)

'Locally Abundant' - Sustainable Food Documentary (full)

My appreciation to you ryan, Thank you
Ok...you lost me at about 5 mins in. Just get to the point and quit focusing on stuff none of us got a say in.
But well done for putting out awareness for sure
This is an outrage
bravo young people. this was well done. thank you so much for posting. in sharing your experience you've helped to inspire and sustain a healthy regard for this life we live.
well done and densely packed with information. thank you for this!
Blah, blah, blah... blame corporations. Blah, blah, blah blame the producers. How much food do you, the producers of this video grow to help feed the world? Keep in mind most people now don't grow squat. That's A LOT of mouths to feed, which requires A LOT of energy, new genetics, and new techniques many of you "greenie activists" don't agree with. You want sustainability... the only answer to that is to start culling the human herd and sterilizing the useless eaters and idle breeders.
The bankers create markets for consumerism
so far 22 minutes of bullshit :( :( terribly waste of time video
Thanks for doing this important work!
It helps a lot to enlightened people about the food they eat.
i have been looking for such films ... very informative about such essential aspects of life. i like this one!
Want to learn how to create your own sustainable energy? There's a cool way to use magnets to generate electricity. This website has more information
thanks for the movie. It was required reading for a class in Ecology and Gender Studies but it definitely impacted how I will approach my food choices in the U.S.Getting to know my local farmers and buying produce in-season while starting my own vegetable garden are only one of the changes that I will be making. Thanks again, will "like" and share.
Hello every one,i just love the places you show...they are beautiful and i will like to know the names..because i will like to go in the feature..is just out of babble ,,,!! love you video.
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You are the change that we want to see on this earth! Love this video. Thank you.
Thanks so much for this wonderful labor of love to help and inspire us to be more self-sustainable and aware of the importance of growing our own food or obtaining it locally. It's encouraging to see more and more people getting on board with this.
Great video. Thanks for making and sharing it. But I really don't believe a lack of how to eat healthfully is a problem. People know that fruits and veggies are most important and that junk and processed foods are unhealthy. Addiction, laziness and apathy are the big problems IMHO.
What will the world be like when organic food grows locally in abundance everywhere, all over the world? Locally grown organic food designed as eco-systems is the solution to most of the worlds challenges. This is one of the key elements for a foundation of a peaceful and sustainable world for the well being of all, all of nature, including all humans as well as the highest evolution of our societies.
Check out this vertical farming solution for both indoors and outdoors: http://www.butong.se/butong.php?page=sustain&selection=contribution Check out biotecture and earthship design
Permaculture is the solution :)
Waterbox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRF2bUBPA90
Val & eli's garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iSaRzjxL3E
Imagine natural organic food growing everywhere designed as ecosystems, that requires less and less maintenance each season at the same time producing more and more food. Food parks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP6rYLblSxc , food forests, deserts re-greening with healthy moist preserving green lands, food grown vertically, alongside, around, and in between buildings, organic food grown on the rooftops and so forth and so on.
Another key element for a flourishing world for the highest potential and well being of all is this:
Self –enquiry to re-discover our true core selves and natural states of being
Make sure to check out Mooji’s channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpw2gh99XM6Mwsbksv0feEg

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