Loading sheep - BIG Dave in action

Loading sheep - BIG Dave in action

RIP sheeps
I done this job over 20 years James Ireland
Are the Lamps in boxes and do they come with Bulbs?.
Thanks for all your song
aye your a good livestock handler. Did you grow up on a farm?
Den Fahrer würd ich gern mal in den Arsch treten. den ist es wohl gar nicht Bewusst , dass er Lebende Tiere Transportiert :P Ich hasse solche Transporte.
This ones funny :-) what do you have against export ? Would you prefer to see them go to slaughter houses ? Anyway I would highly doubt sheep are being exported its mainly cattle. And at that they go to good farms for breeding to improve the quality of stock. Also the trailers are temperature controlled with water systems and now have satellite tracking so vets can see the temperature in each deck and when and where the door was opened to ensure the cattle are being brought to leireages to eat.
poor animals...they dnt know what fate lies for them with these EVIL LIVE EXPORT trade. i will not rest until the live export being totally baned. hate these disgusting money hungry greedy farms,,,karma will catch on to you soon...just wait.
wat mart is that mate?
can you tall me how much is preis for bull's there.tnx
wow... you're right, hard job... i finnaly got the new turbo, total price of turbo and intercooler 1.750€
I have never seen that done before, and was quite surprised at how willing the sheep were going up the ramp. It still blows my brains watching you drive on English roads one minute then back in europe the next... Great stuff Andy. Liked it very much. Keep driving safe now. Paul :-)
What the tare weight on your rig? Have you seen the way we do sheep transport in NZ? 35 minutes to load 820 lambs on 4 decks...
It's a good thing YouTube doesn't stream the smell too. Great vid, thanks!
Lol Andy...LamBs, not LamPs! I bet the farmer was confused when your milk tanker pulled into the farm lol.
awesome vid... never seen sheep being loaded before... and that trailer, kool as!!!! thanls for taking the time to show us mate. 5*'s
standing room only
he have a very high trailer. is very interesting how he load thats sheeps.i never seen that :D
hihihi...das glaub ich auch xD wie heisst das lied eigentlich. find ich supergut

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