Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Loading cattle into trailer with Satus Brute

Loading cattle into trailer with Satus Brute

That’s an easy way to get your dog killed. My family makes padded helmets our collies
Good dog...
LOLOLOL new thing to say to people, "Well dammit you cussed. Now I can't put this on PBS."
For a soul to steal
“Get in there ya bitch!” 😂😂
Very cool the dog knows hes the boss lol
Fantastic Dog!!!!
Border collie herding cattle into trailer
Damn Burt!
Head movement
Very good
Wish the cow would have kick the dam dog
Dammit Burt!!!! That was great!!!!
A cow reigns before this dog.
My dogs would fuck up that collie in a fight. And I’d fuck up this pussy rancher.
Oh man, those dogs court death. But they love every second of it.
Lol,poor cows shite themselves..looks like we gonna have to cookem on down,cheers
Damn it Burt
you're dirinking their milk. Then you're making them suffer. stupidity

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