Loading Cattle in the MUD

Loading Cattle in the MUD

Some people are just jerks Natural Born jerks they are out for number one and no one else matters so a bad attitude just comes natural
Did any one else notice that when he was saying to be nice there was a truck behind him that said Jesus Christ?🧐
Esas carretas son sólo rectas...
It is nice to see how good a father an son can work together.
Thanks for the video alot of green horn DOT officers need to listen what you said about how to talk to people so much truth in that i have never had a older officer be sour but nearly all young wet behind the ears are makes a long day from monkey ranch arkansas
Why dont u just call him kyle instead of call him driver lol
Hey I go to school in Logan
I live 70 miles from Dalhart and 30 from Gruver
Man Holstein’s as a back haul are the worst! But a loads a load!
I love all your videos Mr. Flake please keep em coming. You and your family are a inspiration to do good and have values. I hope to run into you on the trail one day and shake your hand. God bless you and the family!
You get more with sugar than spit and vinegar. Lol
How's the calf that was born in the cattle trailer? I haven't been able to watch for a long time.
Been crazy here, looking at moving, playing the job game, so they are calling calling if it works out, still to see
Omg I need one of those rain covers for your hat 😍😱
My friends like to team rope
oh man i love the videos makes me miss running cows when i was growing up its a shame that my granddad had to sell i miss it so much wish i could get back in to it a little more.
Many Government Officials like to treat us as "subjects" not citizens. Who pays their salaries??? Shameful.
Nice, people say that, but there the one's that they half words and half truths. I have put on hold am of my years, so other could try to brake my records, and all i see is people laughing in the face of the one that try to help out.
Thank you for another great video.
Welcome to New Mexico Reed! half the Dot officers here in New Mexico have that type of attitude. Very unnecessary !

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