Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Loading cattle in Abilene, TX

Loading cattle in Abilene, TX

That cabover Freightliner with a gangster visor looks badass....
At 13:20 that's how people get hurt. More people killed in feed lots by gates hitting them than anything
Love me some cabover!
Anyone ever take spare down on front of trailer.
I see all these trucks coming through Wingate tx all the time love that cabover. They all hit the jakes going south in front of my house
Chula da de trucks Eda chatona
Some beautiful iron! Thanks for posting!
Hate Abilene TX bad
I pass it every day on way to work. I love Abilene !!
I know exactly where this is at. I use to live in Abilene. Hated it !!! ✌😁👎 I'm just watching to see if I recognize anybody or their cars. Ha,ha,ha. This is why I don't eat beef any more, they are in their way to slaughter houses.👎
Didn’t know there were any real cow trucks out there. Where you going with them longhorn and Mexican cows. Just wondering. Very nice video keep your head up. Good luck out there.
Chulada de chata
That Argosy is a real beauty.
She looks like she lost her mover's living room behind the cab?
Thanks for the good job!
Black truck so nice

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