Livestock water tank Tip

Livestock water tank Tip

Really ? Why dont you get your lazy ass over to the tank and put your eyes on the water level?
Nice vest Luke! Howdy from Texas
Radiator jug seriously ????? I would be worried it leaking out..bad idea!!!!!
Great to see a man who thinks things out and solves a problem with what he has around the farm. Common Sense is beautiful...Great tip. Can you give me some advice on my water tank for the horses?
Here in Ohio, it gets down to 10 degree F to - minus5 degrees F in some winter nights...during the days, below freezing. This month, I inserted a metal coil water tank heater, I had used for 2 winters. Next day, no water was consumed by horses. two change in water level. Only thing I could think of was them getting shocked. so I pulled it out. Then for 2 days they were afraid of it. So I had to use buckets. ( They had always loved drinking from this tank. I checked the pasture tank and all the water was gone from they had been drinking from that one.) I can not find any different style of heater for a 50 gallon tank. Is a water pump with running water any better to keep the tank open. Saw where a man put a copper wire in his tank and attached it to a grounding post. My tank is in the barn. Please can you give me some advice? Thanks
You should check out the smart trough mosquito pump...
Adios mosquitos. Hello health.
Love it! I'm like you, I enjoy making things that work. They're usually better that store bought.Thanks from Australia.

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