Livestock Myths: Taking Eggs Makes Chickens Lay More.

Livestock Myths: Taking Eggs Makes Chickens Lay More.

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Hi Patty. Sorry to see you aren't allowed on Twitter anymore. Hope all is well.
My boyfriend had chickens and he says they laid so much it was hard to get rid of them. They get would get a dozen or so everyday.I love chicken and we have a big back yard for them,but I live in the city limits which sucks.
Are chicken eggs naturally light shade of brown or does the egg color depend on the chicken? I've seen some brown eggs at Walmart and I think they are labeled natural or something.
It's good to see you back. It's good to see you do something other than talk about politics like a bunch of other channels, especially with the recent Black Panther film.
I have a question: I was talking to a lady a the laundromat and she was telling howher kids have chickens. She said they were going to do something (I'm guessing natural) to make them stop laying eggs for a while. Why would someone want that to happen? Is laying too many eggs unhealthy? And is stopping them from laying eggs bad for them even if its some kind of natural way?
Wanna know what's not a myth? Chicken in the corn so the corn can grow.
Quite literally factual. (not necessarily chicken, bunnies work as well, or other small grazing animals that don't trample the crop)
Old wisdom, new science.
(yes, all for a brushy one string reference... no way to even hear the word chicken and not think of the guy, or even see a chicken... It's a great song in the end. It's funny how one guy with a string can make so much more than a whole team of producers, musicians, singers, visual artists and such. Yeah, he's still writing and singing... Makes more sense than so many people.
Lol, one or my orpingtons will go broody on ANY egg or egg shaped rock she sees and stop laying in a few days and pluck her chest sometimes. Gotta put her out of the barn lol
Last year she hatched a muscovy duck for me though, my other ducks were laying well

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