Livestock Lads In Ireland

Livestock Lads In Ireland

muzic is Leyland daf. Ehhh hhhaaww.
Scania topline hard done by on this one
love it gets u movin
good vid
tony iggy astronamia is the song
if shr aint v8 she aint real
hard tah bate a v8. burn da rest!!!!!!!
dj next summer hits
@desgarrett Thanks
excellent video! well put together...
@730JASON Ah nice whats the name of yer company Actually Dont Know the nam of the son its foreign i think if i find it i will tell ya
@BrianFahyTDI150 Different Places Of Bebo And Facebook
@spuds940 Nah Just Like The Lorrys
@spuds940 Thanks Lad I Cant Find The Song Anymore And If I Come Across It I will Tell Ya It Ok
Respond to this video... yes
whats the name of that song?
Cool song and video! I wish that we could get Scania in the USA. Dus Scania stil make the T cab?
good start to video...:) i like it..;)
mantal song

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