Live Fast Die Young - the life of a meat chicken

Live Fast Die Young - the life of a meat chicken

free range and organic can be just as bad, and after all you still killing these cool creatures. Consider going vegan ☮️
That's sad but taste 😥🍗
And Fuck your videos
The se people are fucker up
I watch this the my dad came home with kfc i dint eat becouse of this becouse i lost my appitide
I lost my appitide to chiken when i watch they becouse all bird killed alive the other sick and die i that people do that WTF go tp hell yu people
I will never work thier only thats work their are have no heart
I realize thays what eat pure chicken why do they do that do they even have a heart that little chick dint even see their mother untill they got older and when they got older theve been kill with that no heart person
Fuck them people
This will calm you I think.
Awwwwwww nooo I’m vegetarian tho so I’m not a sick bastard
will my father does this in ower house to survive buth it makes me cry there eyes closed from death and if you want to slay chickens you most do them properly then when people starve you can do it buth its sad for long time god will open the gate in the end of the world will change then when the end you most keep all the people in god belive god not the stupid chicken dying i mean shi* >:( o man why am i saying this good bye chickens that i love see you on the :3
I hate factory farms, it’s just better to raise them in a FARM. They look way more healthier ALIVE, plus I think if you showed before pictures of the chickens you would be golden
We are just stupide peoples
Why Never seen this video before? I will not to eat them anymore!! 😭😭😭 so mean
Ooh pour chicken i am not having chicken any more!
Looks like dinner! Very good! Fast and efficient!
How do they fertilize those eggs?
This disgusting process should be banned. All animals need room to move about freely outdoors and to eat grass and the bugs that live within it. It’s shameful that these animals are treated so badly.

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