Live Fast Die Young - the life of a meat chicken

Live Fast Die Young - the life of a meat chicken

That's soo sad I'm NEVER EATING chickens!!!😭😭😭
I will never eat another chicken product at McDonalds as long as I a matter of fact, I will never eat at McDonalds again. I will never take my grandchildren there. I am Catholic and during our Lenten season, I used to love to eat a Fish Filet sandwich on Fridays, because we are asked to give up eating meat on Fridays..........I will NEVER NEVER eat there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What if we were them and we switched places and the chickens turn into human and we’re chickens and they slaughter us...
That’s why I don’t eat mean you save a life
I actually am getting 2 chickens.mine will never be treated like this,never eat chicken!
There dumb farmers they don't treat chicken right
What if we were placed in there position and the chickens are us...what then???would we feel the cruelty we did to them😢
Holy crap they have a leg cutting machine!
I held my legs on that one.
Gaina Ceramic Insulation Coating Works Great !!!!!!
free range and organic can be just as bad, and after all you still killing these cool creatures. Consider going vegan ☮️
That's sad but taste 😥🍗
And Fuck your videos
The se people are fucker up
I watch this the my dad came home with kfc i dint eat becouse of this becouse i lost my appitide
I lost my appitide to chiken when i watch they becouse all bird killed alive the other sick and die i that people do that WTF go tp hell yu people
I will never work thier only thats work their are have no heart
I realize thays what eat pure chicken why do they do that do they even have a heart that little chick dint even see their mother untill they got older and when they got older theve been kill with that no heart person
Fuck them people
This will calm you I think.

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