Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine
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please give me my graphics card back chinese man

Einfach wallet Adresse und start mining eingeloggt bleiben dafür Bitcoins sammeln. Auszahlung funktioniert selbst getestet.
This is such a crazy situation. People are expending resources to solve an arbitrary problem that other people created!
Man they deserve this, that amount of dedication
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I am going to build a church house
Please help please.
You can send bitcoin to bitcoin wallet if you wish.

that guy was playing path of exile 😂 here you have a link that you can use to win a small amount of bitcoins (just watching ads) it is an esay way to win an extra money.
i found as simple addon on google
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Can somebody help me get started with a little Bitcoin 😫
1BdKPFgA878X5btHio4s8gWXspgEqZzSRn this is my id
i have some bitcoins from reddit but idk how to sell them for actual money
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