Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Eerie sound in the background.
i am so confused
Crypto Daily needs a show on VICELAND
can i just enjoy a gtx 1080ti
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As a beginner i lost a lot when i tried investing myself. Maybe i wasn't smart enough but after i met Donald Ear at a trading seminar and got him to help me mine, my life changed.
I wonder if that guy is living on the streets these days
Bitcoin trade has always been a mystery to me but ever since I came across Mr Richard Scottfield, with his expertise and knowledge, I have made lots of profits.
The whirr of the computers is creepy.
Really appreciate Mr Mike for his amazing strategies for the past 7 months it has indeed been very fruitful
looks like PRC
Wow, this video is from 2015, this factory owner must be a billionaire by now!
do you want to learn how you can mine and grow your btc, do you want to know how i increased my btc from 3 btc to 11 btc, whatsapp me now on +447573180989 or email me at
There is need nuclear energy to produce electricty which fuck our earth. Why should I live less than the life which I will have longer without nuclear? Because of these rice eaters.
One of my greatest fears today is what cryptocurrency is doing to this generation of business people. When ever i go online to read the news on cryptocurrency (i follow some in particular), i notice a lot of jargons being said and to crown it all, the news always ends with the acronym 'Hold On For Dear Life' which in my own opinion isn't a bad idea but holding on its own as done with stocks has its guiding principles which of course, nobody follows with crypto. People are not willing to find mentors, or learn the hard way but somehow believe buying and accumulating an asset as unstable, unpredictable and speculative as bitcoin will someday make them millionaires. One that particularly drives me nuts is a particular Wilson going about all channels and flooding them with 20,000 xrp will be life changing in 5 years. The truth is that holding onto 20,000 xrp or 50 btc in 5 years time may altogether wreck you emotionally because nobody can boast and say what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. What you should do is make use of an opportunity that presents itself while still in its useful state. Trading with the right combo of expertise, tools and advice is what will change your life not in 5 years time but perhaps in 5 weeks time if you know just what to do. Today, bitcoin is struggling with shifting supports and resistance in and around the $4,000 region and this is currently bitcoin at its most predictable state and position to realize great profit in trading. This is quite risky for newbies and intermediates so i would recommend an expert like Mr Mark Hall whose signals and trade strategies today are some of the greatest and most accurate in the crypto space. All you need to do is find such a person and seek his opinion and guidance on how you can get good and consistent profit trading bitcoins and you would ultimately see reasons in your results why hodling is such a risky move to make. You can mail Mr Mark Hall on markhall279@gmailcom.
The decision to invest in hashflare was as a day in Monte Carlo. You can win or not. But do not regret anything.
What the hell is a bitcoin.....I still have an Amstrad CPC 464!
How are they doing now?
thank you bitcoin miners! because of you next to all gpus doubled in price, now I will never have my dream pc!
The technician has it made!! He just kicks it playing games and smoking cigarettes while keeping an eye on the machines.

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