Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

4050 BTC = 34351715.25 USD
Hope you guys saved some bitcoins for these days.
Still running?
where are they today? Why so discrete?
Great video...:)
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These bitcoin mines make me sick. All this useless crap for money, only to use more resources from the Earth.
Back then my mind was to young to understand as I’m
Older I realize to stay aware of everything happening around you now.
20-25 bitcoins a day? At todays market thats 8k per coin. That means they make going with the lowest 20 a day $160,000. Thats 4.8 million a month. And he said he has 6 of those mining places if each operates at the same capacity they make 28.8 million dollars a month !!!
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Because of these guys the GPU prices rise

My guess is that everything around the bitcoins will end up in which country has the cheapest electricity.
Invest into US stockmarket miner
Bitcoin mining is China is now Illegal China leader in mining bitcoin and other crypto Register on the biggest exchange today!
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i will download this video cuz the word potteho is epic.
bitcoin miner virus, crypto miner backdoor like a cancer these days.
Do employees get paid in Bitcoin?

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