Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

"Secret Bitcoin Mine" Proceed to show it and its location and its manager's identity. Okay...
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secret place -> shows the city and road to get to the building
these crappy chinese faces are the new bankers
Why aren't they using geothermal to liquid cool these machines.
I guess its not a secret anymore.....
Every bitcoin mine is guarded and shouldn't be without occupancy. There must be at least a score of employees in the building at all times. Never fewer!
The money is where the low market cap real use projects are, and right now I do not see anything better than #tokenpay, the vision and determination with which they are working is truly admirable, only 25M max supply, privacy coin certificates, staking rewards, have an ETF ready tokensuisse, FREE EFIN and TPLY coins for holders, 2 top 10 exchanges coming, efin DEX exchange, and much more, In a few months they have done much more than other projects that have years in the market, this is a golden opportunity.
Watching this now, the profit margins on this have got to be a LOT tighter. At 80k/month in electricity (which im sure has gone up since 2015), as well as overall complexity up to harvest BTC I wonder how profitable this still is in mid 2018. Either way, they have to have made tens of thousands of Bitcoin over the life of these mines. Even with all the high overhead to mine them, each of them I'm sure has several thousand bitcoins each.
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Lol “equivalent to a monthly gross of 1.5 million dollars”... more like 25 million dollars now 😂😂😂
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he looks like a chinese bill gates
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its working
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The problem is, when some trips over the plug, what will we use for money?
Too bad the bubble popped. The mine isn't as profitable anymore as far as i know. Maybe they pulled out. People in China seem hyper finance-savvy.

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