Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Let's Play Harvest Moon 64 Ep 8 - Music Boxes and Whine Bottles

Let's Play Harvest Moon 64 Ep 8 - Music Boxes and Whine Bottles

You can't store items inside the tool chest you must buy a fridge first then you can put stuff all you want in that instead.
You should have made a square fence for the horse, that way it can't annoy you by following you around. :)
karen is on beach on sundays
That weed rumour is nonsense. Cutting the weeds is not necessary and arguably not a good idea - your scythe is much less important to level-up than your watering can (and in the short-term also your axe). It's better to save your strength for other tasks (maybe cut stumps, smash rocks, or till land) than to use it for cutting weeds.
SHit man all this time trying to marry maria, FUCK THAT MAN, you had to say that before :( but any ways ill marry her cause she's hot.
I had a chicken, I feed her every day and she died, can someone tell me why?
it's a fridge
"obviously talk to my dog" with such a serious tone, ahaha good stuff.
@JOJOFACE That's a good idea. I think I'll do it once I've finished the walkthrough.
Dude, this is killer. Post a link to this on Gamefaq's board for this game, even though it's probably totally empty.
@DougDogg4444 I freaking hate that horse.
lol stupid horse

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