Lee Evans On Talking To An Audience

Lee Evans On Talking To An Audience

It'll be good to see Lee again maybe in 2020
Seen him on his big tour.glad I got to see him once before he quit.absolute legend of a comic .love you Lee all the best to you and your family x love u loads
I wonder if Lee remembers me? We gig together back in the early 80's. He is a great talent and a very nice man.
Thank you, Lee, for being your authentic self in the interview. As for your performances well they always are a craic, you are so gifted comedically.
Good old Lee you gave everything. Fantastic value all the way. The best have gone, faded or retired mate. Enjoy your legend and best wishes to you and your family. You made millions laugh.
man this guys is a genius , his nervousness crack me up
I wish Mr Evans could come to Canada......  Toronto perhaps?   

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