Lee Evans on sweating and destroying his suits

Lee Evans on sweating and destroying his suits

lead singer from that rockband? xD he means lead guitarist from ac/dc?
Wooo 57,000 view.. now i wanna medal
This guy is such an amazing guy
yep he on about angus young
'have you heard that michel jackson is getting back together?' omg he is a god!
was he talking about AC/DC? i know he said lead singer but i recon itsAC/DC
he is awesom lol
yh in the movie
seen him last night amazing
i'm going to see him on the 22nd of october ( tomorrow ) a the SECC in glasgow ! cant waitt :) but i dunno if i can go because my back and neck are really sore :(
haha saw him at the NIA on the 9th, what a legend!
oh i see u got alot of luggage there...GATE 95!!!! XD he is the best! just natually funny! ledge
a dont get the joke at the end michael jacksons getn back together???
glasgow october yeahh
going in september, can't wait!!
wooooottt i love my bro hah got me a tic 2 watch him at sheff first day cant w88!!! :D:D
oxford 9 days cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3tattwood1 im going aswell, SEE YOU IN THERE!!!!
hes ment to be coming to plymouth pavillions , dunno when though , ill keep ya posted ..kk

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