Lease lands short appeal 1 part 1 to CM, AP, Dr Chandra babu

Lease lands short appeal 1 part 1 to CM, AP, Dr Chandra babu

Already farmers are in troubled waters. They are having troubles with artificial created shortage of seeds, chemical fertiliser price rise, degraded soils, ground Water deflation, regular supply of power crisis, credit issues, dramatic high volatile uncertain market menace
This should probably be implanted via an independent authority which is duly elected every 5 or so years by the people of a country as a central authority. It might also be a good idea to have the lands re-evaluated every 10 years or so determined by a separate and definitive ecological authoritative group. Hopefully someone or some group comes up with a process of implementing this around the globe, with a simple written report instruction outline, which most people can understand. 
Sir very revolutionary idea. This will immediately increase the purchasing power of common man atleast by 2 times, reduce the cost of housing by half, increasing the ppp and make India shine by becoming a completely socialist country, help in imbibing the values of quality rather than flaunting richness if implemented unilaterally across the country. However it will also invite the initiation of a rough or i rather fear a blood bath among families to own the land for eternity...! which is not possible as per law of nature...only change is constant..!
Dear Sudhakarji,
Namaste. I salute your effort. My sincere comments:
a) Just because a few great people said this does not make it less or more valid.
b) What is important is the logic. So, please put the logic before the reference.
c) If I am a farmer, I get a small amount of lease every year, how does it help me?

Come to Jia Sarai or other villages. There are various people who own land mad make their life by leasing. Just by the virtue of the fact that they own the land, their children live easy live, often useless life. So is leasing a meaningful option?

OK, let us look at Hong kong, is that what you mean is the benefit? Are people of Hong kong happy? I am not sure. But I am not sure what the future Hong kong people will think.

Second, how long will the lease be? 100 years?

I am sincerely confused. But as a businessmen, I would love the lease option,
because if I cant pay, I can always declare myself bankrupt and run away.
The Private Limted Status will protect me.

Land leasing might be correct or prefer land of govt. to construct new capital... huge investment would be saved..
another suggestion as per my basic knowledge building on loose soil would cost more .... 
If we have any intention to avoid the scenario of real estate which Hyderabad had faced where the land costs went on beyond the reach of common man without a sensibility, this is what must be proposed!! This is learning from the past...I find this solution very sensible. This is not a solution just for the farmers but also to the system as a whole which includes industrialists
Prof. Dr.S.Francis Xavier, 
Thanks Dr.Sudhakar for your concern. I read in news several acres of land given to a big business house was languishing in Gujarat. Even in such case your argument for leasing may be a good option. We like this- your approach!
You have an inherent attitude of thinking differently . It's proved once again. I wish you all the success in this endeavor.  
Thank you for making this video . I agree that leasing lands from farmers is legitimate and logical. 
Congratulations to FRIENDS and Dr. Sudhakar Puttagunta for so eloquently and lucidly bringing out what seems to be the only logical approach to undo the injustice that is on done to weaker segment of farmers and landowners in land acquisition processes for non-agricultural use across the country.  I think this would provide a lower initial cost to land users but sustained income to the owners of the land who often part with it under pressure of their own poverty and the pressure of money and power of the acquisition authorities. I appeal that the Govt looks into this at the earliest and incorporates it into a legislation.  I also appeal to other viewers of this video to mount support to this move and help get such a bill introduced in the Parliament and Assemblies of all states.

M.R. Ravi
Professor of Mechanical Engineeirng
IIT Delhi
This appeal of lease of lands for our new state is perfect than acquiring them. Forward this message to as many friends as possible. It is very much essential at this time.
land leasing is correct. 

This  video  brings us  very useful  and  an alternative way   for the benefit of both farmers and industrialists in real sense (not fake industrialists, who acquire lands from the farmers and government and use the lands for something else, say real estate  ).
At the same time this leasing of  lands gives an  ample of opportunities to the  new industrialists,  as they need not  invest large amounts towards purchase of land  and  it also gives an opportunity to the farmers  to cancel  the lease if  the lessee/lease-holder   acts against  terms conditions  in the lease deed .  
I appeal  policy makers  to think broadly  for the  benefits of both  farmers and industrialists /Developers  and   make policies  that would build bridges between  farmers and industrialists/Developers for our mother  Nation's sake ,but not abyss. 

  this idea of  leasing lands  seems like a symbiosis between the farmers and industrialists.

Words of wisdom from Dr. Puttagunta!!!
In addition to all the mentioned advantages of leasing; Leasing can also prevent the maladies that would follow acquiring large amount of money in one stroke (rather than slow and continuous in flow ) by those relatively uneducated and naïve farmers. We may destroy future of their families .
i am s.upendar rao, advocate, kothagudem, khammam, telangana. i full sopport  dr. sudhakar sir. its a better than any other land equagation in the world.
The proposal make ample sense. It deserves wider debate. including those who apper to be ready give away their lands. I am a lay man in this area.but would like make a study. Looking for references or sites where this eopic is debated.
I would really like to see this option of leasing lands being given a chance to be debated by wider public and policy makers. I think it is a step in the right direction towards sustainable development of societies.

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